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PostSubject: ⌂Şŏ ĩŋ Ľũšŧ⌂ ◊Open√ ◊Possibly Mature√   ⌂Şŏ ĩŋ Ľũšŧ⌂ ◊Open√  ◊Possibly Mature√ I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 7:53 pm

⌂Şŏ ĩŋ Ľũšŧ⌂ ◊Open√  ◊Possibly Mature√ Boy26-1
Yao Harlequin Smith

    "Yes, Father, I have thought this through," Yao replied obedient to his mother. Between his two parents, his father was the stricter and was currently the one that was more disapproving. You would think for a man that had doubted his son's heterosexuality since the boy was old enough to walk (well, Yao actually pranced) that he would be happier about his son moving in with a girl. Not just a girl, but a very attractive girl.

    Walking through the apartment, the brunette male made a bee-line for the fridge. Right now, all that was in there was bottled water, but that was all he was after. Pulling one out, he listened to his father fretting. He was so young and this was so fast and was he sure this would be okay? What if they broke up? Where would Yao go if he had a fight with the girl? What would he do if he got thrown out?

    Sighing with frustration, he repeated for what felt like the millionth time, "Father, I am not dating her. She is my friend. You know her! We have been friends since grade school. She spent a month at our house every summer except for last year and the only reason she didn't stay last year was because she was looking at collages!"

    After about twenty minutes more of pointless back and forth between himself and his father, Yao finally convinced the old man to hang up. With many empty promises to call back later that day and just as many sincere promises that he would be fine, the brunette ended the call and tossed his phone on the kitchen counter. With his hands free, he began to move the boxes. Almost all of them were still stack in the living room. His new apartment had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining area, a good deal of storage room, and a living room. Yao had already picked the smaller of the two rooms, mostly because he knew that his best friend would need the walk in closet.

    Since they were eight years old, Yao had known his best friend. She was a beautiful, brilliant girl with more personality than most. He loved her to pieces, but strictly in a platonic way. Despite the fact that everyone said that they were meant to be, they had never done more than jokingly kiss and as far as he was aware, neither of them had ever considered taking it farther. Their friendship was perfect, and though a lot of guys his age wouldn't be happy with something like that, Yao was confident with his looks and knew that he could get any girl he wanted. Ruining the one friendship that had lasted would not be a smart idea in any manner of thinking. He would rather keep her as his sister and go after a girl that he barely knew. It was the safest route all around.

    Finishing moving his boxes to all of the right rooms, he began unpacking in the living room. With headphones in and his attention focused on his work, he was completely oblivious to the time and any calls or texts he got. Hours passed with him steadily putting things in place so that the empty shell looked like a home. He would have rather going out partying, he had just gotten to college after all, but he figured that he was old enough to behave by now.

Floor Plan of their apartment
⌂Şŏ ĩŋ Ľũšŧ⌂ ◊Open√  ◊Possibly Mature√ 2-bedroom


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