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 Sex Drug(Open, Possibly Mature)

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Sex Drug(Open, Possibly Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Sex Drug(Open, Possibly Mature)   Sex Drug(Open, Possibly Mature) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 7:47 pm

Sex Drug(Open, Possibly Mature) 59936

Aria sighed as she slipped into the car waiting for her. Once the door was closed, they began to speed towards her school. The driver was oddly quiet, but Aria made no acknowledgment of it. They past their usual turning place. Aria looked confused as she asked, "Weren't we supposed to turn back there?" She pointed behind her as she asked this. Her driver shook his head, muttering, "When I passed by there this morning, it was jammed pack." Aria just shrugged and they continued to the school. Suddenly, Aria exclaimed, "Isn't that Midori from school?" She was staring intently as a girl wandered onto the street, then collapsed onto it. The tires screeched as the driver braked hard. Aria lurched forward then stopped. She got out of the car and ran to Midori. "Mi-!" She was cut off as a person covered her mouth with a drug-soaked rag. Suddenly all went black.

((OOC: If you want to join, you must play one of five guys. These guys have a little 'business' where they get college girls and turn them into sex slaves. The drug causes them to have urges that get stronger and stronger. As the story unravels, you can add more girls.))
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Sex Drug(Open, Possibly Mature)
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