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 Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature)

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Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature)   Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 10:55 pm

Image(c)Someone else. No infringement intended and I shall take it down upon request
Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature) F110

Sick Oh So Sick

    Taryn slammed open the door with more force than was needed. On the bed, two figure leap apart. Both were male and both were familiar to Taryn's dark green eyes. As he watched his boyfriend and his best friend scramble around, his arms crossed over his chest.

    "Taryn, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't...We weren't...I..." his boyfriend stammered. Whether it was nervousness, fear, or just confusion, the other male was making little to no sense as he approached Taryn.

    "Shut up," Taryn snapped. Though his androgynous face was expressionless, there was pain showing brightly in Taryn's vivid hues. Below, the sounds of a party could be heard. The pulsing beat from their classmates was easily understood through the thin floor boards. Taryn focused on that for a moment, just long enough to calm himself before looking at his best friend's back and demanding, "Well?"

    His friend had sat up, facing the wall rather than looking at Taryn or Taryn's boyfriend, soon to be ex, who had been glancing between the two nervously. When Taryn snapped at him, he slowly looked over his shoulder at Taryn and frowned at him. In a voice that was oddly calm, he answered, "I love him. You don't. This is the natural way for it to work out."

    It was true. Taryn was fond of his boyfriend and loved making him happy, but there was no genuine spark between them. It had seemed oddly dry the whole time.

    Because of this, Taryn wouldn't talk to his friend for a while and it would take his now ex a while longer to get back on his good side, but eventually, the three of them would be friends again. That was how it worked out. Taryn didn't believe in the notion of love except that between friends. His best friend loved him dearly and his ex boyfriend would do anything to be near him. Their bond was a strong one, even if it wasn't the purest.

    It was just Taryn and his best friend in the small room. There was a bed on one side and a table on the other. There was a door that lead to Taryn's 'kitchen', which was really just a closet where he kept his mini fridge and stove. The colors of the area were generic gray and cream. It looked impersonal, but Taryn was the one that had designed his own sleeping quarters, so he was quite comfortable with it.

    "I really can't believe that he left you too," Taryn said from inside of his 'kitchen'. There was the sound of rustling and then he walked out, smiling at his best friend as he held out a bottle of soda.

    His best friend was sitting on the floor, leaning against the arm of the couch. Taryn walked around to sit on the arm of the couch so he could dangle his legs around his friend. They had been close for the better part of forever, so the closeness didn't bother either of them. In fact, his best friend leaned his head against Taryn's leg.

    Teasingly, his friend told him, "I'm not the surprised. I loved him, but he was always more fond of you."

    "Eh, he was always a bit of a whore, more like," Taryn said with an indifferent shrug, though it wasn't true. Their now mutual ex had been faithful Taryn until the end and as far as either of them knew, the young male hadn't cheated on either of them. Still, it was a bit bitter that he had left Taryn's friend when he had loved him so honestly.

    "You call anyone that sleeps with me a whore," Taryn's friend answered teasingly before pinching Taryn's thigh. Yelping in shock, Taryn fell back onto the couch and his best friend leap on him. The two play fought for a while before relaxing again and talking about nothing of importance, just as they had always done, just as Taryn always hoped to do.
I think your strength drew me to you more than anything else about you. I hope you know you're amazing. I know I can't take anymore of this and it has just begun.

    That was the text that forever changed Taryn's life. When he had gotten it, he had shrugged it off. Everyone thought he was strong...well, strong or stupid or just trying to be rebellious. Knowing that the other had been drawn to him for his 'strength' hadn't shocked Taryn, but it had made him wonder how the other would react to know how weak he was.

    However, the thought soon seemed pointless and vain, especially when the other turned up dead.

    That had been the most painful part of the change: losing them.

    Taryn had also lost a part of himself. That's how it felt at least as the drive to do good by his future and do right in school was completely gone. Now, instead, he partied, lied about his age to get into places, and just let his life pass in a haze. It had only been a few months, but he was already damn near perfect in his facade.

    Sighing, the dark haired male tried to put the thought out of his head. His breath was already running short and being nervous would just make breathing that much harder. Looking around the chaotically colored, crowded club, he was careful to balance the two drinks in his hands. He wasn't looking for anyone in particular, but he knew that it looked like he was, despite the friendly, flirtatious smiles that he threw to anyone who glanced at him.

    Oddly, Taryn only had the second glass to deter approach. His game was to approach, not be approached. The dark haired male loved to play chase, rather than flee. Even if hot guys approached him, he was much happier going up to flirt with someone. That was what he was doing now: looking for someone to approach and hit on.

I'm So Sick of Your Shit

[[Okay, so either Taryn's friend or their mutual ex committed suicide. I would like if you played as one of them, however you don't have to, but it will play into the plot later, so when you join, please pick whether it was the best friend that killed himself or the ex boy friend.
If you play as the best friend or the ex, you can give them whatever name you like, but for which every one you aren't RPing, they have preset names so you can add them to the post. Best friend's auto-name is Quinn and the ex boy friend's is Damen. Again, if you play as the best friend or boy friend, you can name them anything you want. This is just for the unused one.
Taryn can be dom or sub, it depends hugely on your character. However, this plot is not intended to be about the smut. It's more for the story.
PM me with questions and if you join, please be descriptive and have a picture.

Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature) Explosion
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Lost in the Dark Lights (Open, Possibly Mature)
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