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 La Push (Twilight, Private, WAAAAY Mature)

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PostSubject: Re: La Push (Twilight, Private, WAAAAY Mature)   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:01 pm

The sound of Jacob's voice forced Edward to the edge and he felt his cock throbbing with the need to release his seed. He was being controlled by the voice of his lover and the power it held more so than even his own desire. It was such an odd feeling, totally a turn on. The feeling of lava hot semen flooded into him and he shouted in pleasure as the liquid fire poured over his prostate. His movements became disjointed as he thrust into Jasper's face, now focused on that as Jacob's meat went limp inside of his ass. He could feel the semen dripping down the backs of his legs from previous loads mixed with this one and Edward was filled with the image of how they looked and it made his movements speed up. He could feel the sensation of choking and Jasper's panicked thoughts as his air supply was cut off for a moment, but Edward nipped the tip of Jasper's limp dick, shooting pleasure and pale through the other vampire, making his cock start to stiffen again already. Just at the thought of another position, he felt himself cum. Rather than shot his load into Jasper's mouth, he pulled back and his jizz spewed over the male, coating him completely. Once his oragism finished, Edward twisted and locked lips with his mates. "God, I want you to bend me to your will like this every day," he mumbled against his lips. The taste of Jasper was still strong on his tongue, but Jacob's essence over powered it.


Jasper whimpered in pain and panick when Edward nearly joking him with his dick, but then the pain and pleasure shot through him from the bite and he nearly jolted forward, a ripple shooting through him. As soon as Edward cam, his mouth hung open, catching some of the skeet that poured over his cheeks and clung to his eyelashes. It would have been degrading if it hadn't felt so damn amazing. As soon as Edward moved off him, Jasper leaned forward and pressed his messy skin against Sam's and wrapped his legs around his waist so that the other male had to hold him while he rode his cock. Jasper's mouth attached to Sam's as he kissed him passionatlely and whispered, "Yes, fuck, yes. Sam, your cock is the best in the world. Oh, it's so hot, so fucking hot, spearing through me, tearing me, fuck, I think I'm gonna cum again just from this, fuck, god, more, more, Sam give me all you've got." His voice was slurred from lust and exhaustion, but already he could feel himself growing hard again, just at the feeling of the werewolf filling him.
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PostSubject: Re: La Push (Twilight, Private, WAAAAY Mature)   Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:29 pm

Jacob wrapped his arms around Edward, starring deeply into his eyes. Oh how they sparkled as he looked up and down his mate. 'Will you be my mate forever Edward? I love you more than you could even imagine.' As he thought those things, he smiled happily at Edward, his eyes never leaving Edward's. He ran his fingers through Edward's hair and then quickly moved to pick up the vampire. He carried him to a location far from Sam and Jasper. He laid him on the ground and rested by his side, sort of hovering over the vampire. Before he could begin to speak to Edward, he quickly lifted his head and started snarling. Soon the sounds of dead leaves being stepped on filled the forest. A small, female figure stood in the shadows.

"Edward?" Her voice was quiet, but both males could hear the quivering of her lips. She stared at both of the men she loved, confused and somewhat disturbed. But she wouldn't make another sound until she heard something from Edward.

o.0 0.o

Sam was too involved in Jasper to even notice the two leave the area. He grabbed onto Jasper's thighs and pushed himself deeper and deeper inside Jasper's ass. Finally his semen ejaculated from his enormous cock and shot right inside Jasper. He let out a howl of pleasure as this happened and found he could no longer stand on his own. He dropped his torso down on top of Jasper. He rested his head on the vampire's chest and started running his hands over the cold one's body. "You are amazing," he whispered to Jasper. He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths, trying to take in all of Jasper's sweet scent.
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La Push (Twilight, Private, WAAAAY Mature)
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