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 ÛΠβΏЏИd r^2∏ (Mature/Private)

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ÛΠβΏЏИd r^2∏ (Mature/Private) Empty
PostSubject: ÛΠβΏЏИd r^2∏ (Mature/Private)   ÛΠβΏЏИd r^2∏ (Mature/Private) I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 16, 2011 5:21 am

ÛΠβΏЏИd r^2∏ (Mature/Private) Konan_10

Stacy let out a high-pitched squeal, almost cutting the connection between her and her brother. Laughter drifted over the connection, sounding as if he had moved the phone away from his ear.

“Calm, Kazuko, it’s just an invite.”

“TO YOUR WEDDING!” She shrieked, “Did I meet them? Why have I never met them? How long have you known her?”

“You met him last time you came to visit me in New York.” He said after she had stopped her squealing and demanding.

“Mark!” she said with a gasp, her hand coming to cover her mouth.

“Yep, so you’ll watch our house while we go to Ireland?”

“Duh, uh hold on.” The doorbell rang and she took the wireless to answer it. “Oh, hey, Arnold, you didn’t have to bring me my mail you know.”

“Isn’t he your neighbor?” Her brother asked at the same time Arnold answered.

“I know, but I feel compelled too.”

Stacy took the mail and thanked the male, shutting the door before the other could speak.

“Yeah, he’s my neighbor who lives a few doors down. He creeps me out. Anyway, I have to start packing and you should be picking out what your going to wear. I’ll call you when I land.” She laughed at his reply and quickly hung the phone up.

A soft sigh escaped her as she sat heavily on her couch. She lazily flipped through her mail, pausing as neat cursive handwriting replaced the stiff typed writing from bills.

Sadness swelled in her heart, but she tossed the letter with the growing stack on her end table.

She drew in a shuddering breath, willing the tears away. Her ex had been sending her letters. It didn’t matter that he had broken her heart with another girl. The letters had started four months after he had left her. She had read them the first few times, but the pain and hatred had become too much.

Shoving the last of her clothes in the suitcase, and headed to retrieve all her toiletries. She packed rather quickly, leaving five hours after her brother called, and left. She reached the airport soon after and left for New York.

14 hours later

“I just landed and am on my way via taxi, love. I’ll see you in a little bit.” Stacy hung up and leaned her head against the back of the seat. 14 hours and no sleep were killer.

“Long flight?” the cab driver asked as they made their way through rush hour.

“Yeah, flew in from Busan, South Korea.” She closed her eyes, wishing for the man to shut up and let her sleep.

“Do you speak Korean then?” He asked casually

“Yes” She replied, resisting the urge to snap.

“That’s cool, how do you say ‘hello’?” He looked back in the mirror just as she raised her head and looked at him.

“Annyeong haseyo, look, are we almost there yet?” She knew there was that irritation in her voice, could tell he heard it in the way he narrowed his eyes at her.

The car pulled over abruptly, “We’re here.”

“Thank you.” She tossed the money on the passenger seat and grabbed her bags from the trunk.

“Kazuko~ there you are my little darling.” Arms wrapped around her waist and lifted her in the air.

Laughter bubbled from her as she dropped whatever she held and wound her arms around her brother’s neck.

“Put me down, Arian, or I’ll puke all over you. I bet your fiancé won’t think so highly of you then.” She squeaked as he tossed her in the air before setting her down.

Arian was a foot taller than her 5’ 8”, which annoyed the crap out of her. They had the same deep chilling sea blue eyes, a gift from their mother. That ended the similarities between them. Where Stacy was thin, Arian was broad and muscular. They were both naturally thin though.

“Where is he?” She demanded, spotting the blonde standing a few feet away. “Ah, there he is.”

She walked up to him and eyed him, as if inspecting him. His dirty blond hair was in contrast to Arian’s void black, but it was refreshing. His eyes were a frost blue, though betrayed by the warmth in them. She went around once before letting out a sigh that could only be translated as sad. Mark’s eyes widened in fear and hurriedly sought his fiancé’s.

“What is it, Kazuko?” Arian walked around her to link arms with Mark.

“He’s ………… perfect. Damn it, Arian, why do you always find the nice ones?” She almost laughed at the relief that flood across both male’s faces. “Now, take me to my room and let’s get you ready for the big day.”

5 days later

Stacy looked around the cathedral and smiled. She was happy that her brother was able to finally be married. The couple had decided on traditional dancing with a mix of modern dancing. She watched as people tried to waltz, most failing. The wedding had taken place an hour ago and her legs hurt from standing through the whole thing. She supposed it would be different if it were her own wedding. She sighed, she was the only one left to get married. Their mother had even remarried after their father had died when they were little.

She walked over to the mini bar and ordered a shot glass and a pint of scotch. Downing two shots before taking a breath, she leaned against the counter. She was happy for her brother, but she was also extremely envious.

She was 27 and only growing older. She wanted children before she was thirty, though she doubt that would actually happen. She took another shot and sighed away the burning that followed.

“Weddings are as depressing as funerals for those who are single.” She muttered more to herself than anyone else.
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ÛΠβΏЏИd r^2∏ (Mature/Private)
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