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 So Confused... (Open ~ Mature)

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So Confused... (Open ~ Mature) Empty
PostSubject: So Confused... (Open ~ Mature)   So Confused... (Open ~ Mature) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 9:51 am

"Thank you so much for calling. I was feeling so alone."

"No my roommate is not here yet."

"Yes, I am still nervous... What if she is weird?"

"I love you too baby. I miss you so much."

"Alright, I will talk to you later."

Mia sat on her bed and hung up the phone. She held it on her lap and looked down towards the small black device. She took a deep sigh and looked out the window. She stood up and placed the phone on the desk. She grabbed her suitcase and tossed it onto her bed. She opened it up and pulled out a framed picture of her and her beloved boyfriend of the last 5 years. This was her first semester in college and they were starting their journey of a long distance relationship. He had decided to go to a totally different school in a totally different state. This not only upset her, but forced her to decide living in the dorms would be the best option for her.

She placed the picture on the desk and started going through her clothes, hanging them up or folding them in her dresser drawers. She sang to herself and thought about the past few years. High school was so easy. There were no responsibilities, they saw each other every day, she was close to home, and above all, she wasn't the new girl.

When everything was put away in her closet and drawers, she decided she should take a shower, calm down and relax. She walked into the bathroom and found no shower. She was shocked to see a bath tub. She shrugged her shoulders and started stripping her clothes on the floor. She turned on the water and ran it, allowing the tub to fill, while she grabbed her showering supplies. When she came back to the water, she turned off the knob and got into the tub. She closed her eyes and started thinking more about home and life. She washed all her essential parts and quickly got out of the tub. She wrapped a small towel around her body. She examined the length of the towel on her body. "Damnit, I grabbed the tiny towels." It barely covered the top of her breasts and the bottom of her ass. Both parts were barely revealed.

Just as she was about to grab another towel, the door opened. Her new roommate walked in, carrying her bags and things. Mia took a deep breath before she quietly muttered, "umm hello..." Trying to keep herself covered. 'What a great way to meet you new roomie...' she thought to herself.
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So Confused... (Open ~ Mature)
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