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 죽음에 있는 사랑 (Open/Mature)

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죽음에 있는 사랑 (Open/Mature) Empty
PostSubject: 죽음에 있는 사랑 (Open/Mature)   죽음에 있는 사랑 (Open/Mature) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 1:31 pm

죽음에 있는 사랑 (Open/Mature) Badass10


”You’re blacklisted.”

The words meant nothing to her.

She turned from the view of the mountains, her private home secluded from the world. Before her lay a plasma TV that was built into the wall along with a complex computer system. The middle of the room dipped in a square. Two doors lead off to other areas. The kitchen had a fridge built in the wall and an island in the middle with no real wall separating it from the living room. The bathroom is seemingly normal. However, each room has a hidden button that opens the compartments for her weapons. Everything in the house was white with the occasional brown and black.

At the age of 16, most would wonder why she lived alone in a pure glass house hanging over the edge of a cliff. Yet none knew of this home of hers and if she had any say in it, which she did, none would ever find it. She walked into her room, admiring the picture of Reita, from the GazettE, that was pinned to the wall above her bed. The bed was white with black covers. Smiling she opened the closet and pulled out her work clothes. A thin black long sleeved shirt with black jeans.

Whipping her hair into a small messy know at the top of her head, held by two chopsticks, she put her boots on and left her home. They would be after her, yet those doing the killing had no idea what headquarters had planned. She only pitied the one who had to come after her.

Driving back towards civilization took longer than usual and she almost cursed her luck that she was going to be late. She wasn’t, much to her relief as she stepped out of the car. She was a translator and teacher to trainees. She taught them English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, and anything else the CEOs told her too. She taught students all over the world and travelled with rising stars. Today she was teaching again.

“Hey, Lily, they’re in the room near the burned down section of the building.” The secretary told her as she flashed her ID through the scanner.

Nodding she turned down the correct hallway, her sense searching for anything out of place. Well, other than the fact that her class had been moved to the opposite end of the building. Smirking, she opened the door to find her students. This wasn’t a ploy.

“You’re our teacher?”

Obviously new students, Lily nodded, and went straight to the black board and began writing

Lily Anderson

“There are rules in this class. One is you shall address me only as Ms. Anderson. Two, I allow no food in my room. It’s distracting to the one eating and those around them. Three, take notes. If I find you are not following any of these rules I shall through you out.” Most of the students were male and they were older than her by a year or two. They obviously didn’t believe what she said as they glanced at each other and laughed.

Growling, she slammed the ruler down. “Open your books to the first page….NOW!”

They hesitated but did as she ordered.

“What language are we learning?” she asked idly, smiling when one of the students said English.

She was currently in working in Seoul, South Korea. She fit right in, her own race being oriental. She didn’t know where she was from though, so she didn’t place herself as Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, or any other oriental race. She had learned the languages because she was required too, nothing more nothing less.

She was cold and strict. She refused mistakes. She had no friends and preferred it that way. That didn’t mean she wasn’t skilled in the arts of sex. Part of her training had been of the sexual kind, for that was part of her job. She was an assassin and that was all she had ever known. Abandoned at birth on the doorstep, she had been raised by the leader. It didn’t surprise any when she surpassed even his power. This was the reason she had been blacklisted.
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죽음에 있는 사랑 (Open/Mature)
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