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 All About Us (Open, Mature, Yuri)

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All About Us (Open, Mature, Yuri) Empty
PostSubject: All About Us (Open, Mature, Yuri)   All About Us (Open, Mature, Yuri) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 04, 2010 4:09 am

All About Us (Open, Mature, Yuri) Demon_10

They Say Don't Trust

"I can't fucking believe you did this to us, you whore!"

"No, god, please, no. Emeline, please, no!"

Iris watched the dark figure moved towards the cowering woman. It didn't make sense. The woman had no need for what she cowered before, for what she was protecting. Shaking her head, the girl stood still, hoping it would make more sense soon.

"No, please, Emeline, I swear, I didn't know! God, please! Don't do this!" the woman screamed.

Emeline, oh so obviously livid, spit in her face and shouted, "You are a whore! You betrayed me, my trust, and my love! I have no use for you!"

The figure's hand lashed out, striking the woman across the face. She fell, of course, but then she rose up again. Now, she was shouting in a foreign language. Emeline replied in it. For moments that carried on like hours, they screamed at each other. Then the woman lunged forward, her hands twisted like claws and reaching for Emeline's throat. Emeline grabbed her wrist as soon as it was in range and jerked her forward, using her own momentum to smash her into the wall.

There was a painful crunch and as the woman spun back, there was blood on her face. Yet, she lunged at the figure again, crying out in rage. Still, she was only batted away. Twice more, this happened, the woman brutalizing herself. The fifth time, Emeline followed her as she fell to the ground. Tired of the fight, the figure drew a knife and plunged it into the bosom of the woman. She screamed in agony, a horrible sound that was gargled at the end. Her hands clawed at the knife, which was removed and then stabbed back in, several times. Each time it entered her body, she grew weaker and weaker.

Finally, the woman died, reaching towards Iris, whom was still seating in the corner, watching the woman calmly. So, she had died trying to protect that thing. Was it so precious? She couldn't imagine how. Of course, Iris knew that she hated herself.

Standing up, Iris walked over to the dying woman. She crouched down and brushed the woman's eyes closed gently. The woman's chest rose and fell rapidly, each time more blood gushing forth. Even though she was still alive, she didn't have the strength to open her eyes again. Iris pressed a kiss to the woman's forehead and murmured, "Sleep well...mother."

Emeline hadn't wanted to kill her mother. She loved the woman very much, but she had betrayed them. The woman had wanted to take away her love. She wouldn't allow that. Everything that happened did so for a reason. The two of them had been born together for a reason. It was against the will of fate for the two of them to be separated for any reason. Sure, the woman had sworn she didn't know that Emeline wouldn't be let in, but what reason did she have to trust her.

"I'm sorry, Love," Emeline whispered, looking at Iris as she drew the blade from the woman's chest. Where had the knife come from? She didn't remember having it before. In fact, she didn't remember much of the fight. All of it was blurred and felt like it was an out of body experience.

There was a clatter as she cast aside the knife and gazed at the face of Iris, waiting for the girl to look up. The silent plea to see Iris's face was ignored as the girl stared at the woman, watching as the first trails of blood began to slip from her lips as her body sighed its last breath, already dead. It was easy to imagine what the girl was thinking, but Emeline didn't know what to do to stop it. Helplessly she watched Iris stare at the cooling body that she still straddled, unable to move yet. Everything felt so uncertain, so messy. It was driving her insane and she didn't know what to do or say. She had felt like that for a long time now.

Iris looked up, meeting Emeline's gaze. There was so much pain and anger and a twisted joy there. The sorrow wasn't in her eyes. It was in front of them. Salty tears pooled in the rims of her eyes, dying them red. It broke Emeline's heart and she reached forward to brush away the tears. She rested her forehead against Iris's, ignoring the blood she spread on the innocent face.

"It would have killed me to lose you. She knew that. I didn't want to," Emeline told the girl, her voice breathy, soft, and rushed all at once.

The girl nodded. Her tone was blank as Iris answered, "You did what you had to."

"I did what we had to," Emeline corrected the girl. Her hands went to Iris's shoulders and she shook her lightly. "Love, she would have had us split up. She was willing to sell us apart. We are one. Two halves of a whole. You said it yourself."

The pain in Iris's eye brightened and her lips twisted as she forced herself not to cry. In a strangled whisper, she asked, "This is my fault?"

A denial came to mind first, but Emeline clamped her jaw just until she thought it over. Nodding, she answered, "It was your fault."

"Oh god, no. I'm so sorry. Emeline. I'm so sorry. I've ruined everything! I'm so sorry!"

" was only your fault in half. The other half is mine."

You, Me, We Us
~O~Four Years Later~O~
So we'll fall if we must

    Eventhe held out her hand and a moment later Ivy's fingers wrapped around it. With a laugh, Eventhe tugged Ivy forward and they took off together. Both girls had matured well. Their features were shockingly similar, though their eyes were the one way to tell them apart. One had brown eyes that were almost dark enough to be called black. The other girl had blue green eyes that looked like water as they shimmered so beautifully.

    After their mother's death, when they were a mere twelve years old, the girls had been taken in by family members. Their mother's killer had never been found, but both girls had never paid it much mind. In fact, once they were taken in by their bloodline, it was almost as if they outer world ceased to exists. They were kept in a manor house, huge enough that they never got to explore it all, taught together. The one who had been Emeline was taught to control her rage, to control the things that lead her to be dangerous. The one that had been Iris was taught to be strong so that the dark eyed girl would never have to kill for her again. It had taken much work, but after about two years, they had learned to accept that there were more people in the world than each other. There was no more dangerous jealousy or controlling rage.

    "Eve, I want to go there!" Ivy declared, pointing at the globe on the desk of the airline attendant.

    Eventhe gave her sister a soft smile and squeezed her hand. Hawaii...Ivy always wanted to go there. This time, however, they were going to the east coast. Normally, they went places a bit more adventurous. They had been everywhere from Paris to the Amazons. This time, they were going to visit a small town, where their home was. The home was a gift to them from their bloodline. It was tucked away in the mountains far, far away from people. The town was two hours away from their house and it was perfect to them, though they hadn't yet seen it.

    Shaking her head, Eventhe told Ivy, "We're going to our house. Maybe next time we'll go to Hawaii."

    For a moment, it looked like Ivy would protest but then she shrugged and took a step forward in the line. "Fine," she said, "But next time we go there, I'm learning to hula." Eventhe looked confused, wondering if this was her sister's way of rebelling against her, but then pushed the thought down. Ivy would never do that to her.

    A few minutes later, they were on the plane. They had gotten side seats and Ivy was peering out the window while Evethe rested her head on her shoulder. A tired sigh escaped both of them at the same time. Each of them were lost in their own thoughts. Despite her claims to want to go to Hawaii, Ivy was eager to see the house that they had been given. Even if it was in horrible condition, she was going to fix it up so that it would truly be their home. They knew the lay out of the home: there was about twenty acre of land all around the small house. The road was half paved leading up and it ended at a garage that was in the side yard. The other side yard was fenced in, as well as the back yard. There was a stone walk way from the garage to the front door, which led into the living room. There was a huge, arched doorway that lead to the kitchen and dining room and then on the far wall there was three doors. The ones on either end lead to a bedroom and the one in the middle lead to the bathroom.

    Both girls had traced the walls of the house with their fingers on paper a hundred times over. They had measurements and pictures of the outside, but none of the inside. Both were eager to get there and see it for themselves. Their bloodline had hired someone to show them around the two and help them out with the house. That person had a picture of the two of them, dressed up for Halloween and would meet them at the air port.

Cause it's all about us

((OOC:/ Okay, so Ivy and Evethe are the grown up Emeline and Iris. I won't say which is which, since it will be revealed later. The plot of this will follow them to the small town, where they are met with people that want to, not just co-exist, like their bloodline did, but interact with them. That would be fine, but they find themselves interested in these strangers. Things will develop. I am going to RP at least two more characters. Ivy is a lesbian, so I'll need someone to RP a chika for her. Eveline is bisexual, so you can RP a male or female for her. This will be mature for violence (orlly? I couldn't have guess.), cussing (hehe, couldn't tell, could ya?), possible drug use, and sexual themes later on. Please have a picture when you join and be descriptive. If you only want to RP one of the other characters, PM me and we'll find someone else to RP the other. Thank you!))
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All About Us (Open, Mature, Yuri)
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