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 Too late? (Open - Mature)

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Too late? (Open - Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Too late? (Open - Mature)   Too late? (Open - Mature) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 30, 2010 1:58 pm

Too late? (Open - Mature) Anime_girl_schoolgirl

Kylie pulled her legs close to her as she sat beneath the great oak tree, it's shade covering her from the hot sun. It was a warm day, she normally would go inside, but she spotted her best friend, talking to his girlfriend. She sighed deeply, and turned up the volume on her mp3 player, trying to distract herself from thinking about him, and how she lost her chance to ever tell him she liked him. She closed her eyes, to get the image of the boyfriend and girlfriend out of her mind, it just hurt too much. A song played in her mp3 player, she opened her eyes, and looked down at the small device. She changed the song to something that would match her mood. She lifted her gaze, making the mistake at looking at her best friend again. Her heart beat faster, she never liked anyone more. She was jealous of his girlfriend. How can she ever tell him? All she wanted to do was run to him and bury her head against his chest, to tell him how much she loved him.

((Your character needs to be a male. I will play the gf if you like... But since there is a gf, the romance between Kylie and your character will have to wait. She will not instantly tell him... Don't worry there will be lot of drama!))
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Too late? (Open - Mature)
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