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 Shield madien looking for her viking.

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Shield madien looking for her viking. Empty
PostSubject: Shield madien looking for her viking.   Shield madien looking for her viking. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 12:43 pm

I would like to do a role play in an alternate universe where Sif's attentions were more focused on Loki "the-would-be-king", one where she stood beside Loki in his quest to be king; though she is torn from time to time fighting her friends to defend the man she loves always unsure if she's not just being used by the silver-tongued jotun.

I'm also looking to do a role play based off of the History show Vikings open to most pairings really craving Bjorn/OC. I'm also willing to do ones based around Thor or the other Avengers or anything with a viking theme.

Bjorn LothbrokxOC
Ragnar LothbrokxLagertha Lothbrok
Tony StarkxPepper Potts
Steven RogersxOC
HawkeyexBlack Widow
Bruce BannerxOC
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Shield madien looking for her viking.
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