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 An Old Idea That Never Saw The Light of Day

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PostSubject: An Old Idea That Never Saw The Light of Day   Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:39 pm

Vanae di Deivos Triniem, lit. "Three Servants of Miracles", here "Familiar's Trinity".

This came to me in a dream right after a three day coma.  It goes thus;

There are four characters, all high school/university students (urban fantasy woo!), one a Mage from a very old line of mages, who's family is sworn to protect the world from a wide variety of otherworldy entities either hell bent on causing mischief or incapable of existing in our world without making trouble.  The other three "main" characters are the Mage's Familiars, who are individuals of the Mage's preferred gender that are very attractive for different reasons.  They follow three separate archetypes.

First, the Wolf, or Warrior; the Wolf is level-headed, steady and aloof, but fiercely protective of their Mage; they don't often display much in the way of emotion, and are alluring for their grace and power.  They are fighters, and guard the Mage's body; while the Wolf draws breath, nothing may harm their Mage without paying in blood.

Second, the Cat, or Hunter; the Cat is energetic, affectionate, playful and quick-witted; they rarely let anything escape their notice, and are adorable in their playful ways.  They are watchers, and guard their Mage's mind; under the Cat's all-seeing eye, nothing will ever be able to surprise the Mage.

Last, but certainly not least, the Songbird, or Caretaker.  Steadfast, nurturing and reliable; the Songbird is best described as the personification of gentleness, and they are beautiful for their caring nature and trustworthiness.  They are companions, and guard their Mage's heart; a Songbird's smile can calm any beast, and their mere presence will soothe any fear or worry.

The Mage would have been born with tattoo-esque marks in the form of their Mage's Sigil (up to the writer) and the Familiar's Trinity (howling wolf, crouching cat, perched songbird); each Familiar would gain their corresponding mark once they became a Familiar, and the marks would grow in detail (and the Familiar in power) as their relationship with the Mage deepened and grew stronger.

This could be an RP between 2-4 people (with multiple incarnations if such is desired) of any gender setup (though if one wants to do Yaoi/Yuri one will have to find another to play it with, as I'm garbage at writing same-sex relationships), and can be mature or clean.  I'd be willing to play any role of either gender, if one so wished.

And before complaints are lodged, the Songbird is actually important; without them the Mage is under constant emotional duress, and the Songbird's death is likely to bring a swift end to the Mage.

Anyone interested?
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An Old Idea That Never Saw The Light of Day
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