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 Muzica Characters with ideas

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PostSubject: Muzica Characters with ideas   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:38 am

Landen R. Mills Male | 17 | Gay | Switch | High school student
Likes: smoking, drugs, partying, three or foursomes, cute, submissive boys, buff, dominating guys
Dislikes: other switches, bitchy females, school
Vague Plot: Landen's partying lands him in trouble with either the cops or a small time gang. Desperate to escape, he turns to a complete stranger and offers him 1,000 dollars to drive him across the country, plus gas money. Bewildered, having no reason to decline (and maybe reason of his own to accept) he says yes.

Ren Wong Male | 21 | Gay | Submissive | Professional Masochist
Likes: pain, powerful men, being pushed to his limits, sex, coffee, chocolate, cats, strawberries
Dislikes: tea, orgies, sharing, drugs, boredom
Vague Plot: Ren works at an S&M club as a sub. He is routinely tied up, beat up, and humiliated on stage. Your character sees him and finds something about him interesting. Perhaps it is the fact that Ren isn't really broken or the fact that he seems able to take anything. Either way, he makes it his mission to claim him and make him his.

Nexis K. Linar Male | 24 | Pansexual | Switch | Wood factory worker & mechanic
Likes: romance, candles, mild s&m, spicy food, people that can cook, "pear-shaped" women, muscular men, dogs
Dislikes: violence, loud noise, rap music, sexism
Vague Plot: Nexis works a dead end job in a small town. He's not getting out, not now. Even at twenty-four, he knows he is trapped. Then, by chance, your character, a famous-whoever, car breaks down, and he gets towed to Nexis's dad's shop the day Nexis is working there. Instantly there are sparks, and for the two weeks it takes for repairs, the two slowly fall in love. In the end, Nexis is given a chance out, but he hesitates, knowing that if things go south, he will be lost in a world he doesn't understand. Is love worth that risk?

Koi F. Aqua Male | 16 | Bisexual | Bottom | High school student
Likes: fish, soft colors, tofu, swimming, aquariums, day dreams, the idea of dying
Dislikes: school, his classmates, his teachers, his parents
Vague Plot: Koi is your typical "no one understands me" teenager. His mother and father gave him a name that was practically mocking, and with his love of fish, his classmates have picked up on it. It seems endless, but one classmate is different from the rest. Maybe he is a freak as well, or maybe his eyes are just a little more open. Either way, he reaches out towards this spark of color, but it may be too late to save Koi.

Destin Q. Taylor Male | 16 | Uncertain | Switch | High school student
Likes: music, anime, pokey, roman, Japanese, Japan, Tokyo, kawaii, people in general
Dislikes: being alone, haters, getting sick
Vague Plot: Destin and your character are friends. The two of them do anime marathons together and chill together all of the time. One night, your character invites Destin to karaoke. Two surprising things are discovered that night: Destin has a crush on your character, and he is quite the singer.

Destin Q. Taylor Male | 19 | Omnisexual | Switch | Bartender and vocalist
Likes: singing, the smell of grass, writing lyrics, doing cover songs, dancing, talking and meeting new people
Dislikes: staying home, being sick, strangers
Vague Plot: Your character is starting a band and needs a vocalist. Hearing Destin's voice, he asks him to sing with him. Surprisingly, Destin agrees, but that is the only thing that goes smoothly. From minute one, the two are undeniably attracted and both of them are trying to fight and deny it, while arguing about what to do and where to go with the band.

Destin Q. Taylor Male | 24 | Omnisexual | Switch | Famous vocalist
Likes: singing, the smell of grass, getting new songs, hearing covers of his songs, dancing, meeting fans, encouraging people
Dislikes: canceling, getting sick, empty stadiums
Vague Plot: Your character is a band member that doesn't really know Destin, except that he is closed off from everyone. However, he sees that Destin is steadily getting more and more tired, and when confronted, Destin confesses he is having nightmares. In impulse, your character offers to sleep with him to see if that helps. They are both shocked that it does...and that there is a spark neither of them suspected to be there.

Sort of Mature:
Gavin H. Moore Male | 17 | Gay | Dominant | High school student
Likes: cock, teasing others, being a bit of a bully, cuddling, cooking for others, kissing
Dislikes: whiny people, bitchy teachers, narks, school in general
Vague Plot: Your character is the new kid, and so far, his day has been pretty good. Most of the other kids are friendly and accepting. Unknown to him, he has become the subject of a dare, and halfway through his last class of the day, he feels someone crawl under his desk. Looking down, he sees Gavin. The other smirks at him and undoes his pants. Before he can protest, he is getting sucked off. Embarrassed, he watches Gavin get paid off and decides to tell no one, but what happens when he suddenly has the other man's undivided attention, especially since he likes it!?

Cayden W. Smith Male | 14 | Bisexual | Switch | Junior High
Likes: fighting, violence, blood, flirting, seeming tough
Dislikes: crying, seeming weak, smoking, drinking, drugs, loud noises, shouting
Vague Plot: Your character is best friends with my character's older brother. There is a two-four year age difference between them. Despite that, your character is fascinated by Cayden and his behavior. He, however, is completely shocked when he give Cayden a ride home one night and is repaid with a kiss.

Asher X. Brooks Male | 18 | Bisexual | Submissive | Blogger
Likes: mocha, hot chocolate, cappuccino, internet, tumblr, deviantart, people "from the internet," watching people argue
Dislikes: facebook, weeboos, crazies, dramatics online
Vague Plot: Asher is your typical blogger: he writes what he believes. However, he starts to get strange comments on some of his old posts and then receives strange emails and even stranger letters. Someone is calling him a prophet, but the posts were just random stories...weren't they?

Elliot C. Zuber Male | 16 | Gay | Switch | High school student
Likes: video games, cute boys, jrock, fast food, yuri, yaoi, track
Dislikes: homophobia, country music, creeps
Vague Plot: Elliot is your typical geeky teenager. He has no mind and no real future, or so everything things. Your character, however, sees something more. In an attempt to draw out the potential he sees, he forms a bond with young Elliot, but soon the bond becomes more than either of them expected. Both of want to pull back, but neither of them can. It burns too bright.

Elliot C. Zuber Male | 18 | Gay | Switch | Unemployed
Likes: nothing (arcades, french fries, brownies, classic rock, cuddling)
Dislikes: life (prejudice, pep talks, emotion)
Vague Plot: Elliot just lost the most important man in the world. His teacher, his supporter, and his lover; he died in a car accident. Lost and in pain, the young man just wants to die and go to hell already. All of his hopes and dreams are crushed and gone. Unfortunately, it seems like fate has dreams for him. Another man sees a future for him and starts pushing him: out of his depression and onto the right path once again.

Elliot C. Zuber Male | 21 | Gay | Switch | College student
Likes: alcohol, pot, pills, video games, chips, new rock, kissing strangers
Dislike: prejudice, being told what to do, country music
Vague Plot: He got into college, broke things off with his last boyfriend, and is now doing good. Okay, maybe he is doing drugs and drinking quite a bit, but he is still doing what's he thinks. He strays a little more off the path when he meets someone that just makes his heart race. Ah, well, you only live once.

Elliot C. Zuber Male | 25 | Gay | Switch | Survivor
Likes: food, water, shelter, company
Dislikes: isolation, violence, starvation
Vague Plot: Elliot is still in shock, though it has been three years. He has been living on his own the whole time. From time to time, someone will stop by, and Elliot can fix whatever they have. Normally, he asks for food or water, but sometimes, company is enough. He isn't certain what to do when someone stops by and decides not to leave with out him. Your character, however, has decided he isn't leaving without Elliot.

Tazen Acra Namic (Tanner) Male | 249 (17) | Sex | Switch | High school student/Tempter
Likes: teenagers, souls, good coffee, obedient servants, luxury, parties
Dislikes: teachers that think they know everything, religious fanatics, prudes, party poopers
Vague Plot: Tanner has just transferred to school. He is the hot new kid and everyone wants to know him, except your character. An extremely religious good kid, he senses something bad about Tanner and avoids him. Too bad that just tempts the devil. Will he fall or be the downfall of this demon?

Salem F. LeFay Male | 27 | Gay | Switch | True magician
Likes: magic shows, tigers, good alcohol, beautiful women, strong men, natural performers
Dislikes: poor actors, white tigers, cheep booze, cheap men
Vague Plot: A true magician in a world of cons, Salem plays a solo act...or he used to, until he met your character. Then, caught by his beauty, he invites the other in. What at first seems like outstanding showman ship soon reveals to be dark ritual and real blood. Will love be enough to steady him through such difficulty or will your character's heart waver and he flee, leaving Salem lost once again?

Noah A. Turner Male | 17 | Pansexual | Submissive | College freshman
Likes: math, language, science, logic, reason, common sense, redheads
Dislikes: passion, emotion, difficult things
Vague Plot: Noah doesn't get emotion. There is nothing that makes sense about it. So, he simply shuts it out. So far, it has done him a lot of good, because he is already in his freshman year of college. That is when he meets your character. No one has ever effected him like he does, and it drives him insane. Already, Noah is convinced this is going to be a disaster.

Cheshire Male | 16 | Omnisexual | Switch | Amateur trouble maker
Likes: sweets, mice, tea, hats, dreams, fantasy, illusion
Dislikes: reality, boredom, simple things
Vague Plot: Your character is a young adult. He has fallen down the rabbits hole and needs to find a way back up. Who should he cross paths with but the infamous Cheshire cat...or one of them. See, all cats go through a series of training, because while they can be anywhere, they can't be everywhere. Now he has to figure out whether or not he can trust Cheshire before it is too late. The hole can't stay open forever.

Cheshire Cat Male | 260 (23) | Omnisexual | Switch | Professional trouble maker
Likes: sweets, insanity, rabbits, tea, hats, dreams, fantasy, illusion, stories, rain
Dislikes: boredom, simple things, lack of control
Vague Plot: Your character has fallen in the rabbit's hole once before, and only ten years for him, but centuries later for Cheshire, he is dragged back. Having marked it off as a dream, he is terrified when he realized it is real, and that terror turns to indignation when he finds out he has only been brought back to be the Cheshire's toy...but for some reason, he can't seem to protest.
(come on, a mindless sequel makes sense LD)

Mad Hatter Male | Ageless (19) | Bisexual | Switch | Hat maker
Likes: cream, milk, sugar, tea, tea pots, beaver pelts, satin, cardboard, fine thread, needles, games!
Dislikes: the queen, no parties, poor company.
Vague Plot: Your character is another member of Neverneverland, the hare or the cat, Tweedledee or Tweedledum, Alice or one of the queens. It is after the wars and we're all at peace, but there are rumors of trouble brewing, and all the rumors point to the same source: the Mad Hatter's shop. Talked into going, your character must brave the Hatter at his worst in hopes of making things better before it is too late.

Oliver M. Sager Male | 25 | Sex | Versatile | Hunter
Likes: silver, iron, salt, oak, knowledge, guns, knives, candles, thrills, romance
Dislikes: stupid mistakes, normal people, fear
Vague Plot: Oliver is a hunter of the supernatural. Brought up in the life, he knows nothing else. Love is a word used in books to him, and while he enjoys reading it, that isn't his life. During a hunt, he saves a young man, not so young, older than him in fact, but his innocence makes him seem younger. Frightened, but curious, the young man demands in. Against his better judgement, Oliver finds himself saying yes. After that, it is a learning experience for both of them, and Oliver feels like he is being bested by his student when it comes to comprehension.

Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Bee) Male | 27 | Gay | Versatile | Model
Likes: posing, kissing, cuddling, cute animals, hot men, sin
Dislikes: drugs, dieting, religion
Vague Plot: Bee, as he is known to all of his friends, is a famous model, and no one is sure which makes him more popular: the unique pendant in every shot, his perfect body, or the fact that there is a blue flare over his naturally gold eyes in every picture. Well, he has your character to thank for all of it. Your character is a demon, one of hells best. His deal is that for each soul Bee leads into sin, he gets to live another year, keep his body for another year. The moment he fails, he goes straight to hell. Imagine your demon's surprise when Bee turns his sights on corrupting him as well. Even the model isn't certain if he has fallen for this demon or if he is just playing another game.

Lazareth Male | Ageless (17) | Omnisexual | Submissive | Story teller/Death omen
Likes: food, friendly people, people immune to his power, warmth, fire, cold drinks, warm nights
Dislikes: animals, paranoid people, winter, rain, darkness
Vague Plot: One night, a shooting star flashed over a small town, so low they swore they could hear it burning. The next day, Lazareth wondered into town. Quiet and polite, he ordered a room at the local motel and has taken up residence there. He spends his days telling stories and lost in thought. Your character find himself drawn to Lazareth and that draw only gets stronger when he realizes he is the only one Lazereth will willingly touch.

Carsen K. Carrs Male | 18 | Gay | Dominant | High school student
Likes: people, noise, parties, making friends, attention, physical connection
Dislikes: solitude, silence, emotional connection
Vague Plot: Carsen is Mr. Popular-Everyone-and-their-sister-and-their-brother-want-in-my-pants-or-on-my-friends-list. Despite that, he is a sweet guy and rather admirable. Almost everyone in the school is or wants to be his friend. It makes you wonder why he waited until his last year of high school to come out as gay. It makes you wonder more why he went for Mr. I-hate-the-world-and-everyone-in-it. Still he did. He went straight up to him/your character, and asked him out.

Theodore K. Grace Male | 17 | Bisexual | Switch | High school student/Guitarist
Likes: music, making friends, green tea, hugs, concerts, listening to people sing
Dislikes: legal matters, money, materialistic people
Vague Plot: Theo is a sweetheart that is uncertain and timid, but has a good heart and that heart goes straight into his music. That is how he attracts your character's interest. At a school talent show, he plays, and your character instantly deems him perfect. The two talk for a bit and begin a duet, but soon, your character realizes the lyrics are more than just words for him.

Theodore K. Grace (Thor) Male | 23 | Bisexual | Switch | Boy band guitarist
Likes: music, making friends, sweet tea, chocolate, cuddles, preforming
Dislikes: vocalist, materialistic people, feeling abandoned
Vague Plot: Theo's last went solo and made it big. He got picked up by a boyband. There is no denying some resentment. Still, he plays it cool and keeps his heart open. It just seems unfair that the next person to waltz in is a vocalist. Already prepared for heartbreak, Theo falls head over heels and struggles to realize that this person is not his ex and doesn't deserve to bear the blame for him, but sometimes the past is hard to let go of.

Elisa Greenly Male | 22 | Bisexual | Switch | Eco-nut
Likes: trees, plants, flowers, natural stuff, making things by hand, social people, accepting people
Dislikes: bigots, nutcases, extremist
Vague Plot: Your character loves red meat, fast cars, and luxury items. He also happens to really like Elisa. After six months of trying to seduce him, Elisa offers him a bet: a two week resort with none of the niceties. If he makes it, Elisa is his slave for a year. If he does, he has to donate 1,000 dollars to charity. Your character has no intentions of losing this bet, but it seems as if Elisa isn't making it any easier.

Hiroaki Takahashi Male | 21 | Gay | Switch | College student
Likes: coffee, summer, fall, warm colors, redheads w/ green eyes, soft music
Dislikes: Weeboos, spring, cool colors, distant people
Vague Plot: Hiro is attracted to warm things, though none would guess it from his cool exterior. Maybe that is why your character, a flicker of human flame, is so undeniably drawn to Hiro. The little book worm and the noisy party kid aren't good for each other, but that doesn't seem to stop them from coming back.

Kenta Sato Male | 17 | Pansexual | Versatile | High school drop out
Likes: driving, cars, motorcycles, hard work, having fun, fear, excitement, noise
Dislikes: silence, boredom, "normal"
Vague Plot: Kenta is a drop out that is traveling across the country. He started two months ago and had made it pretty far. Money has run out though, and he stops in a small town. While working at a bar, he learns of a haunted house and can't resist the urge to visit. It is there that he meets your character. Is he trapped spirit haunting the earth, a creature of legend, or just another bored kid? It is up to you.

Zentaro Male | 16 | Gay | Submissive | Slave
Likes: (positive) attention, chicken, soup, cuddles, warm clothing, conversation
Dislikes: being objectified, feeling lonely, nightmares
Vague Plot: AU: nekos, inus, and the like exist, but are rare and are currently repressed. Most of them live on the streets, as pets, or, like Taro, as "slaves" in fetish clubs. For enough money, someone can own Taro for the night. Your character pays that money, out of perversion or possible on a dare, and when he meets Taro, he quickly decides one night won't be enough.

Avalon K. Myers & Fraizer K. Welsh Males | 20 & 21 | Gay & Omnisexual | Switches | Bartender & Dancer
Avalon's Likes: music, alcohol, smell of salt, video games, people, falling asleep cuddling, spontaneous people
Fraizer's Likes: music, alcohol, lemons, video games, (any) attention, kissing people, romantics
Avalon's Dislikes: Fraizer, sloppy drunks, self pitying losers
Fraizer's Dislikes: Avalon, cold people, realist
Vague Plot: Fraizer and Avalon have a love/hate relationship that is perfect, so everyone thinks, so no one tries to step in. Then your character(s) come along and wiggle into the two's lives, fitting in neatly. None of them want true love, but they are certainly going to have some fun. It all seems perfect, but things are never that easy. Fraizer is keeping a secret that could spell disaster for their happy little home.

Indivar Male | Ageless | Pansexual | Switch | Demi-god
Likes: worshipers, offerings of flowers or food, proper maidens, strong men, wood flutes, celebrations
Dislikes: offerings of blood or battle, zealots, aggressive religions
Vague Plot: Indivar is too young and too weak to be a proper god. However, as he wonders the world, gathering followers, he becomes steadily more powerful. He has amassed enough power to attract the interest of other gods and is now faced with their wrath and violence. Still, he has managed to survive for so long and is now confident in his powers. Your character is stronger, not by much, but still stronger. It makes sense that he would want Indivar dead, but when their paths cross, neither of them feel the urge to fight. Instead, they find themselves in a much more interesting position.

Jessie A. Lambert Male | 17 | Homosexual | Switch | High school student/Writer
Likes: fantasy, romance, flowers, wine, comedy movies, cats, dark haired men
Dislikes: fighting, dramatics, confliction
Vague Plot: Jessie lives on his own and no one knows quite why. He just seems so damn lonely all of the time, so your character makes up his mind to change that. When he is let into Jessie's world, he doesn't find the hurt he expected, but the soft, sweet feelings of someone that has a huge heart and no one to give it to.

Calvin N. Tiller Male | 21 | Omnisexual | Dominant | Tattoo artist
Likes: dragons, unicorns, graffiti, day dreamers, nightmares, gruesome horror movies
Dislikes: animals, cowards, people that are alive without living
Vague Plot: Your character tends to lie at lot. This is because he is a slut and doesn't want caught. One night at a club, he approach Calvin and gives this adorable, but plain looking man a good line. When he gets shot down, he acts indifferent, but he can't get it out of his head. Before he knows it, he's addicted. He can't leave Calvin alone and goes as far as getting a tattoo just to spend time with him. Sometimes, he wonders if the redhead is just teasing him or truly indifferent. He gets his answer the same night the tattoo is finished.

Richard E. Lawson Male | 28 | Gay | Submissive | CEO of a small cooperation called LHMS that produces school books
Likes: organization, control, obedience, intelligent people, separation, coffee made just right
Dislikes: overlap, disorganization, loss of control
Vague Plot: Your character works at an S&M club. He is a dominant masochist, meaning he gets wiped and treated as a toy. That is fine by him, because he just wants the money, as he is using it to pay for his college. Well, college is over for him and he has started at a company. After an exceptional week, he is called up by the CEO to get congratulated. It is harder to say which of them is more shocked when the boss man sees his favorite partner in front of him.

Jin K. Leigh Male | 22 | Bisexual | Switch | Vet Tach
Likes: animals, friendly people, studying, music, romantics, simple things
Dislikes: confusion, chaos, violence
Vague Plot: Jin always knew he was adopted. However, when he is kidnapped, told that he may be the bastard son of the leader of the Yakuza, and given a crash coarse on mafia life, he finds himself wishing he had never asked about his real parents. His personal body guard, your character, is doing everything to get Jin in shape for whatever roll he will be forced to play in the mafia, but he can't help feeling sorry for the kid. As their relationship develops, it is a race been Jin growing tough or your character saving Jin from this life. They don't have much time.

Christian K. Wills Male | 16 | Homosexual | Submissive | High school student
Likes: having fun, getting to know new people, cinnamon, dying his hair, dance classes
Dislikes: school, boredom, loneliness
Vague Plot: Christian thinks that he knows everything there is to know about the world and himself. Even though he is so young, he is as arrogant as he is sweet. He is shocked when a stranger appears in his life and teaches him things he never even knew about himself. Your character is a new kid to school and instantly senses Christian's capacity for pain. Acting on this sense, he asks him out and slowly opens him up to the world of S&M. Too bad once Christian learns, he is unstoppable.

Christian K. Wills (Cinnamon) Male | 25 | Homosexual | Submissive | Math tutor/S&M Switch
Likes: pain, pleasure, getting to know new people, cinnamon, dying his hair, dancing, playful people
Dislikes: boredom, working hard, feeling mature.
Vague Plot: Cinnamon is all grown up, but still just as arrogant. His interests have grown and now he takes a knife everywhere he goes, because it is excited. Unfortunately, that works against him when he is arrested for suspicion. Lucky him, his lawyer/your character is a cutie and before the case is settled, the sparks are flying between them. Cinnamon wants to keep this courtroom romance burning, but it seems that his lawyer is back pedaling just as things are starting to get good.

Theodore M. Woodson (Teddy) Male | 16 | undecided | Submissive | High school student
Likes: rock, metal, classical, old cars, Supernatural, people that listen
Dislikes: therapy, his step-mom, liars
Vague Plot: Teddy used to be everyone's little brother. He was a sweet, cute kid that was hard not to love. No one is quite sure what made him snap. One day, he was normal, colorful Teddy. The next, he came to school dressed in black and during lunch, he cut his palms and wrote "Goodbye" on the bathroom mirror. Some people say he was going to kill himself. No one is really sure, and no one was ever really close to him. Now, Teddy is stumbling through life, and even though your character never knew him, he decides to be the one to catch him.

Dean K. Beck Male | 19 | Bisexual | Switch | College/Host
Likes: cute girls, flirting, rich women, cute boys (damnit!), tea, sweets, kissing, cuddles <3
Dislikes: serious situations, cute boys (quit trying to out me D<)
Vague Plot: Dean is hailed as the "Con Man." He can get into any girl's pants, and there are running bets that keep him bouncing between women. He lives a loud and proud life...carefully hiding any traces of homosexual. Imagine his surprise when the boy he has secretly adored for years starts pursuing him. Your character is also a "con man," and his bet was to win Dean. In the end, he is given a choice: Dean or the money.

Jimmy M. Champ Male | 23 | Sex | Versatile | Bartender
Likes: having fun, getting drunk or high, partying, his friends, friends with benefits, sexy people, dancers, bets, pranks
Dislikes: relationships, bigots, strict morals
Vague Plot: Jimmy just wants to have fun and when he finds your character, he thinks he has found just that. Offered a vial of crimson liquid, "the hardest drug you'll ever have," he thinks the fun is just beginning, but is far from right. Your character is a sadistic vampire that gave Jimmy just a small taste of the poison. Now, Jimmy is addicted, no longer human but not quite a vampire. He doesn't need the blood to live, but it sure feels like it. Unfortunately, nothing gives your character more pleasure than watching him squirm. Jimmy finds himself cringing from the light and wondering where the fun has gone, but isn't able to stop.

Branden T. Mills (Queenie) Male | 26 | Gay | Submissive | Professional Sadist
Likes: cats, books, whips, knives, candles, talking on the phone, singing in the shower, swimming, muscular guys, black hair
Dislikes: being bullied, being afraid, people in his space
Vague Plot: Queenie is the god of bitches. People pay good money to be worked over by him, but none of them really know him. Your character is a long time customer and adores Queenie, so he asks to come home with him one day. Queenie puts him through a series of tests, and in the end, he realizes that there is more to this beautiful performer than his killer hips and skill with the whip.

Thalion Redleaf Male | 300 (23) | Pansexual | Dominant | Mercenary
Likes: blades, fighting, drinking, humans, dragons, dwarfs, dogs
Dislikes: prissy elves, being mistaken for one, being sober past sundown
Vague Plot: Your character is an elvish prince in difficult times. His father hires Thalion to teach him how to sword fight, because he doesn't know how. Unfortunately, he has no real talent with it either. After the first lesson, in which Thalion basically just insulted him, he decides to do his best to impress the accomplished warrior. After a month, he realize more than he wants to show Thalion up, he wants his approval. He wants Thalion to see him, rather than just brush him off. Can he do it or is Thalion too blind to his own kind? Could this be love or just another disappointment in your character's young life?

Luka R. Sherman Male | 22 | Bisexual | Switch | Thief
Likes: money, freedom, traveling, seeing the road, warm blankets, hot showers, cold drinks
Dislikes: clingy people/emotions, the past, constancy
Vague Plot: Luka doesn't know the meaning of innocent, but he sure as hell plays it. Giggling and blushing, he charms his ways into people's hearts and homes, and then when they turn their back on him, he robs them blind and is on to the next sucker. His life is wonderful, but that all changes with his current job. The man is unlike any other, and Luka can't bring himself to steal from him. However, he isn't sure what to do, because now his past is catching up, and he is certain the present won't trust him when the truth comes to light.

Sato Young Male | 16 | Bisexual | Switch | High school student
Likes: video games, techno music, drawing, digital art, MMORPG, getting good marks, interesting classes, brunette guys, redhead girls
Dislikes: being told what to do, stupid people, people in general
Vague Plot: Making enemies is never smart. Your character, the leader of the student council, comes to realize this fully when he gets on Sato's bad side and the young man now has rather incriminating photos of him. Rather than threaten him, Sato asks him, "How far will you go to get them back?" Thus begins a long game and the winner may decide more than either of them realizes.

Dayton Walker Male | 659 (17) | Bisexual | Switch | Investor (vampire)
Likes: drugged blood, clubs, loud music, heat, werewolf blood, dancing (grinding)
Dislikes: most past centuries, old people, blood junkies (humans that always offer their vein to vampires)
Vague Plot: A werewolf and vampire: how cliche; the two of them were born in the same century and same town. They knew each other. They never knew what became of each other. Because of that, they are drawn together. Can their childhood friendship endure what they have become or will their relationship have to change to survive? Is there no hope for anything but hatred between them, simply because of the paths they picked?

Laine K. Vance Male | 16 | Pansexual | Switch | High schooler/Wizard
Likes: cats, new books, open minded people, muscular guys, curvy girls, complex incantations
Dislikes: skinny people, messy spells, dark spells
Vague Plot: "Do you believe in magic?" Those were the first words your character ever spoke to Laine. They'd been in the same school for years, but never once had their path's crossed. Then, with no reason as far as Laine knew, he began to teach him the way of magic. The young boy was a fast learner, and only one thing developed faster than his skills: the attraction between them.

Laine K. Vance Male | 25 | Gay | Dominant | High school teacher/Wizard
Likes: cats, smell of old books, young minds, feminine guys, curvy girls, candle magic, incanations
Dislikes: people that chose to be sick, messy spells, clutter
Vague Plot: Laine has grown up and is now teaching instead of being taught. Mathematics aren't the only thing he instills into young minds, and many of his students take extra courses just for fun.
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Muzica Characters with ideas
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