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 Irrui's Rp Ideas

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PostSubject: Irrui's Rp Ideas   Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:47 am

Turwaitheil's Ideas

Title: Dementia
Basic Plot: My character would be a rich person, but they don't know how rich because they have a soft form of dementia. They think they're Sherlock Holmes most of the time and whatever else they deem appropriate.

Your character would be the one who takes care of him. They can either be new to the job or old, though relatively new would probably work out best. For example, your character having worked there for about a month or two and knows how to handle my character, but hasn't quite fallen for him or helped the other along with his dementia.

I think this would be challenging yet fun to write. I kind of want a romantic interest between the two, but I'd like other emotions tied to this RP as well. I hope you find this interesting and quite amusing as I do ^_^

Title: Disgustingly Beautiful
Basic Plot: It's inspired by Beauty and the Beast (Disney version) which I recently just watched. I was thinking of doing something along the lines of this extremely popular guy meets a blind person. Since MC is blind they can't see the extremely good looks that YC has, so when they meet MC doesn't like your's because they can tell that the other has a horrible personality. MC has also heard the rumors of how YC is extremely good looking and uses it against people. When MC rejects YC a few times, YC could try a different approach. I'll let you come up with whatever the different approach is, but I'd really like to do this. It's kind of an opposite thing where the Beast is beautiful outside but ugly on the inside. The Beauty isn't necessarily stunning, but they are pretty, marred by a physical defect due to an accident or birth. It's really kind of opposite of the Disney version.

Someone please take it. I really really want to play the Beauty.

Title: Mistaken Love
Basic Plot: There is an orphan, Character 1, in a village traveling to the wedding ceremony of the Prince. He travels far to make it on the day before. In this world there are dragons, fae folk, elves, dwarves, werecreatures, vampires, and other supernatural beings. Human's know about these creatures. When Character 1 finally gets to the palace, he sees the Prince and his guardian, character 2, who is also the prince's intended. However, as soon as Character 2 sees character 1, his suspicions are confirmed. He knows that the prince is not who he claims to be, but that the prince and character 1 were switched at birth. How? At birth, before the two were switched, they formed a link. The link is done right after the baby comes out of the mother, in the same room, just in case of such an incident. Character 2 then tells the court the truth, disrupting the evil guy's plan to take over the kingdom. As Character 1 and Character 2 get closer to each other, the evil guy (whom I'm more than happy to play) throws other guys at Character 1, hoping to make him fall in love with them. He sends assassins, mercenaries, and other beings to kill Character 1, after he has already killed the King and Queen. After that, is up to fate ^^;

Title: Runaway
Plot: C1 is a cat shifter of a lesser known family, but still known for one thing. Their ability to track and kill almost anything. C1 is called in by a higher cat shifter family to find their son, who has run away for unknown reasons. C2 is the son. He runs away after finally having had enough of his parents. (Can be whatever, abusive, over controlling, being forced to do something, anything) C1 then sets out to find C2 and for a while they dodge around each other until they finally end up in the same place after a couple of weeks. While C2 doesn't recognize C1 instantly, C1 has already begun to move. C1 then takes C2 to a hotel room, where he awaits a call from C2's parents. While they wait C2 mentions why he is running away from his parents. C1 tries to ignore the other, but eventually ends up listening to the story. C1 knows if he goes back on a contract, his family will be hurt in the process as well. What C1 does is up to whoever plays him.

If C1 takes C2 back, then C2 will simply escape again and C1 will be called back to hunt C2 down until C1 is finally given C2 as payment.

Title: All's Fair in Love and War
Basic Plot: C1 is somewhat of a arrogant person. C1 is at the top of his/her school, however, his/her parents are forced to move. Where they move too, only a few know of C1 which only boost his/her ego. But, they aren't at the top now, and the current head of school doesn't like them interfering. C2 makes his/her dislike clearly, constantly bullying C1 who obviously won't stand for it. The two end up at a party together, since they have basically the same friends. After all, C1 was the most popular at his/her school. They end up having drunken sex. When they wake up they both blame the other for influencing them. They dislike each other even more, resulting into a few fist fights. There's an event in school where students are assigned someone to work with. Of course, C1 and C2 are stuck together with a task. What that task is we can brainstorm over. I like plot twists. I'm pretty good at length, if I'm interested. Now, don't assume that if I make a short reply I'm not interested. Sometimes I just can't think of something to write without controlling the other character.

Title: Freak of Nature
Basic Idea: My character (a uke) lives a poor life, barely able to pay for his apartment and the couple of cups of ramen. He has no friends, despite his naiveté to trust everyone. His only companion is a wolf. The wolf has been with him ever since he first came to the apartment, over a year ago. My character talks to the wolf as if he were a person, telling him about his day, about how he dreams of a brighter future, and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with someone he loves. He’s told the wolf about his past, about how his parents died and left him with a pedophiliac grandfather, about how his grandfather had died a few years later, falling down the stairs as my character had run from him, about how he often questioned his sexuality, and about how he had never been kissed.

He has a job as a fry cook in a measly restaurant and tells the wolf to go run since the day is too beautiful to waste waiting for him, which is a kind of daily routine. He doesn’t go into work until he’s sure the wolf knows that my character wishes him to leave for the day. After work, my character is cleaning up, the last to leave as usual, when his boss steps into the room. His boss is drunk and possibly high. The man moves towards my character, a knife appearing out from somewhere. A man comes in and saves him. My character thanks him and asks if there is a way to repay the male for saving him.

The male and the wolf are the same, the male being able to shift shape into a wolf. My character doesn’t figure out that the two are the same until your character tells him. My character thinks that the wolf has left him to go find a pack of his own and only returns when he doesn’t succeed. While he talks with the male, his naiveté kicks in and he talks about his past easily with the male. He mentions some things he hasn’t told the wolf, he keeps his sexuality (which he’s still uncertain about) quiet.

What I need: I do believe it's pretty clear in my idea. If not, feel free to ask.

Title: Tic Tok
Basic Idea: Reagan is diagnosed with cancer with only a year to live. Rui has a year to straighten up or his parents send him back to Japan. The two are best friends and when Rui finds out about Reagan’s cancer, he doesn’t tell about his military punishment. As the two try to cope with Reagan dying, Rui finds a friend in his correctional behavior officer. As Rui and the officer become friends, Reagan finds out and encourages Rui to have an actual relationship. Reagan meets a friend at the hospital as he goes in for treatment. Reagan doesn’t let himself fall for this friend, seeing as he has a year to live. However, Reagan ends up falling.

What's needed: Two characters, this can be a group RP if you don't wish to create two characters. Reagan would be dominate while Rui is a uke. For Rui, I need someone who is patient but won’t take extreme shit from him. I’d like someone understanding of his situation and can relate to a degree. For Reagan, it can either be someone working at the hospital assigned to him or another patient. I haven’t decided if Reagan lives, so give me a reason to let him live. Depending on how I feel towards the end of his year will determine whether he lives or not.

I'm sorry if I don't leave a lot of room for ideas, but I do like if other's add twists and ideas. I also find that I do better with a thought out plot. I hope you guys find these interesting.

This is where I shall store my plots and ideas. I usually create characters as I go along, but if I create one who doesn't have a story, then I shall post it here as well. If you are interested, PM me. Please do not post here.
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Irrui's Rp Ideas
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