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 Muzi Ideas

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PostSubject: Muzi Ideas   Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:35 pm


Not Mature (at least not for the first while)
High School Aged (16-19)

Our characters have never exactly seen eye to eye. Your character was the cream of the crop, brightest and best of her age. School, sports, and team spirit sicken my character. Book smarts weren't your character's only strength, because she knew to steer clear of addiction. My character drinks, smokes, and has dabbled in drugs before, just for the hell of it. Both of them hold the other in contempt, and neither of them is thrill when they find out that they are living in the same apartment complex because your character moved up stairs.

The thing is, your character's parents are really fucked up. Both of them are addicts and abusive. They hurt her, and she has never been able to tell anyone, because she is afraid of what would happen. While she can laugh and smile in public, she goes home to hell every single night.

It doesn't take my character long to figure this out, and in an odd moment of kindness, she takes your character up to the roof. The two of them sit up there, talking and laughing. My character is drinking, and yours doesn't approve, but they manage to get along all the same, but it is supposed to be a first and last in both of their minds. My character isn't nice and yours doesn't hang out with losers.

Except...your character can't get over it. She has never really had someone "save" her before, so she keeps looking at mine, hoping that maybe, just maybe, she'll save her again. Mine doesn't really care, or at least, she pretends not to. For reasons of her own, she is afraid of getting close to yours, so she tends to ignore her, or fight with her rather than talk. For a while, things get really bad between them, to the point that they cuss each other any time they are within ear shot, but then one night, your character's dad starts hitting her, and mine burst in and saves her.

After that, they stick together like glue. Your character finds out why mine pushed her away, and they slowly develop a friendship that is safe for both of them.

There is more, but I'm saved it for when we get that far.
    Smart Girl (Seke/Switch preferred)
    Literate RPer
    Someone that can brainstorm ideas with me.

Take My Hand

Not Mature at the beginning
High school-College Aged (16-25)

A race of winged humans exists in this story. They are literally just another race, human except for the wings, and there is no explanation for the mutation. Even kids with "normal" parents can end up with wings. Because of their resemblance to angels, they have occasionally taken advantage of people. Now, they are hunted for it. "Angel Hunters" track and kill winged humans, considering them something less than human, stupid animals to be killed, because they aren’t angels, they aren’t able to save people.

The plot would focus on these two “brothers” and one or two people that they travel with. All of them are winged and trying to evade and escape the hunters. The two brothers look nothing alike and most people don’t buy it when they say they are brothers. The younger brother always gets upset by this, though he isn’t quite sure why.

This idea will focus on the younger brother as he falls for their traveling companion, a slow blooming relationship, wrought with distrust, because after the male joins their group, the Angel Hunters start showing up more and more often. Despite that, the little brother can’t help but adore him. His older brother rages and fights this, going off that he didn’t save him, just to watch him die for love. The little brother doesn’t know what his brother means by this, but before he can find out, the Angel Hunters appear again and kill his brother.

Cue a quest of figuring out what happened. What was his life like before he traveled aimlessly with his brother? Where are their parents? What happened?

This takes him to dangerous places, and slowly, the group starts to leave, one by one abandoning him because it is too dangerous. “We’re hunted already. Going towards death is stupid.” All of them leave except for the guy he fell for. The two of them are both sort of amused by this, because neither of them really thought the other was serious, so they are happy for that.

There is more, of course, but I hate giving away the ending. PM if you're interested.
    Younger Brother (Seke/Switch preferred or Uke/Sub)
    Literate RPer
    Someone that doesn't mind a fairly set plot

A Promise of Death


My character traded her humanity for eternal life. Now, she works for a grim reaper. She possesses none of the powers of a true reaper, but rather wears around a necklace that allows her to collect souls. For each soul she collects, her age is frozen for another month. She never ages, never changes unless it is with artificial stimulates. She is addicted to staying young. She never wants to die. After watching everyone she knows and love pass away, she has gained this crippling fear of it. Rather than die or risk getting older, she has killed, and this is illegal for a reaper and a death sentence for one of their slaves.

Because of this, either an angel or a reaper comes to her. If they are a reaper, they are supposed to claim her soul and drag her to hell. If they are an angel, they are supposed to steal the necklace from her and destroy it, which means she would die. Either way, it is a bit of work, so they are forced to be around her about. In this time, they start to fall in love with her, and realize that they don’t want to kill her, to damn her to death.

Behind her back, your character starts to look for a way to save her soul, maybe make her an official reaper or an angel. This, however, marks them both as traitors, and now they are hunted by all creatures of heaven and hell.
    Angel or Reaper (Seke/Switch preferred or Seme/Dom)
    Literate RPer
    Someone that can brain storm ideas with me.

Just Another Demon

Not Mature at first
High School Age (16-19)

Magic has always been complex, and its practices dangerous. Using it for self gain tends to come back and hurt the mage in the end. So my character discovers.

He is a little goth kid, scrawny, weak, and not very social. He has been bullied since he was little, never really socially accepted. Most of the time, he has his nose buried in a book, and that is how he finds out about magic: he stumbles across a book that offers him spells that should enable him to get his revenge. Thinking that he is finally safe, he tells the bullies off, but the spells take time to work, and the people that abuse him are able to beat the hell out of him all the same. Even though they start getting sick, one of them even dying, no one takes him seriously, and things get even worse for him.

Now, even though the magic didn’t do what he wanted it to, he still has to pay the price. Scratches, great rips in his skin appear, and his losses weight rapidly. He is verging on death, and each spell he casts makes it worse. Of course, none of his classmates see how badly he is suffering. He just a scrawny idiot, and now even easier to pick on. Every day he acts dodgier and less stable.

Your character can take one of three rolls: he steps up when the bullies go after him again. Rather than sit by like everyone does, he stands up and tells them to leave my character alone. Or he confronts my character about why he is getting so thin. He wants to know why he doesn’t go to the teachers, and if he is being abused at home. He reaches out with compassion, trying to save him. Or, three, he is a magic user as well. Having the ability and knowing the signs, he tries to help my character.
    Your Character (Seme/Dom preferred, Seke/Switch acceptable)
    Literate RPer
    Someone that can brainstorm ideas with me
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Muzi Ideas
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