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 Brothers in Arms and Blood

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PostSubject: Brothers in Arms and Blood   Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:57 pm

This is NOT yaoi...actually, it can be, but the main focus will NOT be on romance. Instead, it will focus on two brothers who go around hunting supernatural creatures, much like Sam and Dean Winchester.

These would have been born into a family of demon hunters. Demon hunter is actually a bit too specific. They hunt and kill anything and everything supernatural that preys on human beings. It has been a family career for over five hundred years. There are relatives that got out, but the boys' mother was an extremely accomplished hunter. In fact out of her and her two brothers, she was the most talented and got the family heirloom. It is a book centuries old filled with all of their knowledge of their targets. The best of each generation gets the book and adds what they learn to it.

The two boys were born and brought up in this lifestyle. Their mother has had only them and was pregnant with a little girl when she fought with a demon. Certain parts of her anatomy were liquified, killing the unborn baby and making it impossible for her to bear children again. They were one and three when this happened, and she became even more serious about their training after that, obsessing with making them the perfect warriors, since she couldn't have the perfect daughter. Because of that, it was nearly impossible to gain her approval, but she never let them quit, never let them throw in the towel. If they tried, she harassed and pushed them until they tried again. In the end, they became diligent hunters.

She trained the boys until they were fifteen and seventeen, and then she gave them all that they would need to hunt and left them. There are never enough hunters in the world, because people die all of the time. So instead of having three hunters on one mission, they would be able to tackle two missions. The boys agreed and for a while they traveled together. Two years later, their mother showed up in their hotel room. She told them that they had to part ways now and travel separately, but only for a year. Once that year ended, they would all meet back in the same village.

This village is a safe haven for all hunters. With enough protection to stop a pagan god, it is well fortified to give the hunters peace. Here, they gather to exchange knowledge, mourn other hunters, and rest. The boys were brought their frequently while they were growing up and view it as the only home they really have.

Neither of the boys is keen on leaving their brother, but they part ways and head out to find new missions and save more people. The year passes and they come to the village. This is when the RP would start. The boys meet up in a tavern, greet each other warmly, and then sit down for drinks (yes, they are only eighteen and twenty, but the village doesn't care much for outside laws). The two are talking and time passes. Before they know it, it is morning and their mother hasn't shown up.

Now, their mother was always obsessive about being on time. If they were ever late, she'd beat them. Both of them are worried, but they laugh it off and assume she was kept late by a mission. For a few days, they stick around before finally deciding that they need to be honest that she isn't coming. After some discussion, they agree to find her.

This would focus on their missions as they try to track down their mother. Since they are hunters, they can't just track her, but take missions along the way to try and save people. We will either take turns coming up with missions or I can come up with them all. Please specify which you would prefer. I don't mind either, because I'm probably just going to go through various episodes of SN to find monsters that I find interesting and then apply them in different situations.

Now, there are no type sets for the characters. However, you will be playing the older brother if you join, because I want the younger brother. Your character's personality can be anything you want, but he must be a committed hunter, always eager to kill and/or save. Beyond that, it is up to you.

While you are deciding his physical attributes, remember they are brothers and should have some resemblance. However, it is up to you if they are full brothers or half brothers.

Your character canNOT start with any sort of magical ability. They can be perfect assassins, great warriors, excellent shots, whatever, but no firebending/telekinesis/mind control/foresight. Also, please make your character bad at least one thing. :I It adds interest.

My Character:
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Brothers in Arms and Blood
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