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 Persona: City of Night [Open, onexone, most likely mature.]

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PostSubject: Persona: City of Night [Open, onexone, most likely mature.]   Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:20 pm

Tali Shirogami

Tali watched the landscape rushing past her as she listlessly clung to the handhold above her, steadying herself on the train to school. Ugh. High school. This was the one thing in life she hated. Being tormented constantly, being unable to defend herself without getting in trouble. She frowned. The only good thing was that she got to see her friends, and her creative writing and music classes.

'That reminds me...' Tali thought as she lifted her eyes to scan for her best friend, who usually rode the same train as her. 'I'd gotten the message last night.' Her friend had bugged the crap out of her until she tried the little rumor going around. Tali had tried it last night, and she'd gotten a text. She hadn't opened it yet, as she wanted to show her friend. She finally spotted him and said a quick "Hey." to grab his attention.

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Persona: City of Night [Open, onexone, most likely mature.]
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