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 In Name Only

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PostSubject: In Name Only   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:59 am

Yaoi, Mature, Slavery
Looking for a dom/seme

Basically, this takes place in a world where slavery is alive and well. Otherwise, it is no different than the modern world. There are basically two people: owners and slaves. The only way to ensure you don't become a slave is to own one. Slaves cannot own money, get paid for their work, or be without their master or written permission from their master. They are all marked by a heavy collar worn around their necks. While they can remove them, it is unwise to do so, because a slave without its collar is punished with fifty lashes in public. Slave owners are marked by their better clothing and their richness.

The poor and the rich, the slaves and the owners, the high class and the low class, this is all that exists. There are no inbetweens.

In this world, the upper class and rich are extremely homophobia and antigay. They will not degrade themselves by troubling any "faggots" but they do sneer and avoid doing business with them. Among the slaves/the poor, they rejoice when a child comes out. "She/he won't lose their children, won't create another generation to be tortured." They aren't heterophobic, but they are happy for their gay children and for the suffering they avoid.

There are multiple religions, mostly monotheistic with one or two pagan beliefs.

The races are varied in this world, Caucasian, Asian, African, Latino, etc. All sorts are slaves. It is not based off of skin color, only wealth.

Fashion for the rich is closer to what it was in the 1890s with modern fabrics and more vivid colors. There are some changes, of course, but for the most part, it is the same.
For the poor, their fashion is more modern, jeans, teeshirts, etc. However, their clothing never bears logos, unless it was made by their owner, to advertise their owner's business.

Your character is a slave, one that is proud and openly gay. His mother wept when he came out, caught between sorrow that she would never have grandbabies and joy that she would never watch them be sold away.

His owner hosts a week long party. There, he meets a man, one of the rich, the upper class, an owner. On the second night of the party, they meet as the young owner leaves the party and wonders the grounds. By chance, they bump into each other. He is a bit disdainful towards this man at first, but soon realizes he isn't like the rest, doesn't look down on the slaves. There is a deep rooted pity for the slaves inside of him.

Over the next few days, they spend time together and even become friends. Your character starts to fall for mine, but on the last day, my character buys yours, and this pisses him off. He doesn't quite understand why it makes him mad, but it does. He is enraged that my character could so casually purchase him.

When they get back to my character's home, they fight it out, before my character tells yours that he is a slave "in name only" and assures him that he is free to do as he pleases there.

We'll go over them fighting and falling for each other. Yours can be as violent or as sweet as you want. He can abuse his master for past wrongs, torture him just to see how far he can push it, or adore him because all that he is doing.

Eventually, once things become pretty calm and happy for them again, my character tries to get yours to wear a collar to mark him as a slave. Yours flips shit again, they fight, scream, and so on. Small things like that would continue to crop up until they come to an understanding. They would also have to deal with the rumors among the rich and the dangers of playing that particular game.


Your character is one of the rich, one of the classy. He meets my character, a young slave that is confused, lost, and angry at the world. I don't have much decided on this, but there is a switch of the coin if you want that.


Both of our characters are slaves, dear friends, and honest lovers. While they work for rich man, they love only each other. Their lives are hard, but happy because they can collapse into each other's arms at night. It is all that any slave could wish for, but then, they are torn apart. My character is sold to another man who abuses and mistreats him. I'd like for you to play the new owner as well, or we could do a time skip. About a year later, my character is sold back, no longer holding interest to his owner. He is weak, frightened, and sick. The two meet again, but there is hardly any recognition. It takes some time, but slowly your character breaks down that fear and they fall in love again.


Both of our characters are owners. Yours is a bit older, a bit wiser, but still just a young man. Mine is a bit younger, a bit wilder, and obviously in the prime of his youth. The two are in their late teens early twenties, but both already own slaves of their own. They are the talk of all the girls in town, and they are proud young men. One day, my character is visiting yours, dropping by unannounced. He notices that there is no one in the foyer or around the house, so he gets confused and curious, explores farther. He finds your character in bed with one of the slaves, a male slave. Shocked, he tries to leave unnoticed, but in his haste, he makes a clatter. Your character eventually catches up to him, threatening him if he tells anyone. He just smirks and tries to play it off, but then your character notices how he is acting and kisses him. Mine kisses back. Things can either go farther or stop there, but in the end, your character declares that now mine can't tell anyone, because they share a secret.
Their relationship would slowly develop from there, maybe abusive or maybe playful and sweet, but always a secret, one they are scared to tell anyone.
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In Name Only
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