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 Group Idea Thing

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PostSubject: Group Idea Thing   Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:39 pm

If you can read this, you are invited to join =D

The plot is fairly simple and very vague. It will center on a series of groups/gains that patrol the high ways. They work in groups of two to four, never more and if there are less, they aren't really a member (or are viewed as such). Loyalty is very strong among them, and they would all die to protect one of their own. Most of them are young adults that are runaways or orphans. They rely on each other and the high way to survive. Each group travels with concealed weapons and either rob drivers or prostitute themselves with the others making certain the customers don't get too rough or try to skip out on paying.

Each of the small groups has a leader, but there is a man leader, the alpha. He is fairly unknown and only called Alpha. If one of their members goes missing, he is the one to find them or find out what happened. If they are going hungry, he is the one to go out and take care of them. While many of them have never met him, all of them have received something from him, whether it is new clothes, a meal, or their lives, because he saved them. The Alpha has touched each of their lives.

This would follow a couple different groups as they robbed, murdered, and whored to survive.
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Group Idea Thing
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