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 My Crazy, Fake Love for You

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PostSubject: My Crazy, Fake Love for You   Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:21 pm

I have this idea running rampant in my head, but I know I'm never going to get around to actually writing it. I've decided to post it as an RP before I give the plot up for adoption. Despite the fact that it will be about prostitution, it will not be mature. There may be one or two sex scenes later on, but for the most part, I will skim over those parts.

Here is the plot It is up for change and the names do not have to stay the same. I only gave them names so it would be less confusing to read. I will be playing Max and James. I would enjoy doing this with one person who is willing to play two characters at once and then completely switch to a different character. I need someone to play "Robert," "Liz," and "Chris." Preferably someone who can update at least once a day. I tend to lose interest quickly if replies take too long.

A 28 year old woman named Liz begins paying for an eighteen year old prostitute named Max. After months of being a regular customer, she finally admits to being in love with him. He politely lets her down, telling her that he doesn’t feel the same way. She says she understands, yet she keeps buying him. Eventually, she starts paying enough to keep him for the entire night every night.

Soon growing tired of this, despite the steady income, he tells her that he is bisexual and very much in love with a man. The man is also a regular client of Max’s, and that is the reason he gets irritated at Liz for buying him every night.

Annoyed and hurt at being rejected for a second time, she begins to follow Max. She tells herself that it is only to make sure he didn’t get hurt or used by the man he claimed to love. Even though Max appears happy and content with the man, she continues to watch him for weeks. Steadily, the “concern” turns into full blown obsession. Max is soon the only thing she can think about. Her job starts to suffer under this obsession.

Two months after the first confession, Max shows up on her doorstep, bruised and bloody. Thinking it was a random client who did this, Liz is shocked when he tells her it was the man who he was in love with.

He explains that apparently the man, Robert, was married. The wife had come home to see Max pinning Robert against the wall. Using the confusion and initial panic to his advantage, Robert had twist the situation to make it seem like Max was a robber. Beating Max until he could barely move, Robert threw him onto the streets.

Liz is appalled and enraged by this. Once Max is asleep, she goes to Robert’s house and murders Robert and his wife. In the morning, Max tells Liz that he is going to forgive Robert. Liz rants about why he shouldn’t go back to Robert and again tells Max she loves him more than anything. He ignores her and heads over there anyways.

Finding that Robert and his wife had been killed, he goes back to the woman’s house to tell her and find comfort. She isn’t home, so he begins to wander through the house. He finds a room covered in picture of him. Love notes addressed to him are strewn across every available surface that the pictures aren’t taking up. Afraid and heartbroken, he flees to an old friend’s house. His two best friends live there together and both as prostitutes as well.

Over the course of a month, the three easily and naturally shift from friends to something more. Each of them have their own issues and knows that what they have is nothing serious. The oldest, Chris, was raised in an abusive home where his parents either ignored him or paid attention to him long enough to tell him no one would ever love him. The youngest, James, was bounced from foster home to foster home and simply wants to be loved. He figures that it is better to play pretend with friends who he knows want take advantage of him than with strangers. Max is using the other two as rebound to get over the betrayal of Robert. The fear of Liz finding him haunts him, and he feels safest with his two friends.

Epilogue skips to when he is 22. He has almost completely out of prostitution, slowly getting and keeping jobs. He and Chris, who is still in prostitution, still get together every other day. James, who both Max and Chris kept a strong connection with, was killed a week previous. The story ends with Max ringing a doorbell and telling a older married couple that their son had been killed a week ago.
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My Crazy, Fake Love for You
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