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 To The Death (Invite Only)

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PostSubject: To The Death (Invite Only)   To The Death (Invite Only) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 2:29 am

    Table of Contents
    1. Setting
    2. Plot
    3. Characters
    4. Posting Order

    • Territory
      [Hin's Description]
    • Neighboring Land
    • Den Site
      The den is tucked between two high hills, not quite steep enough to close it in, but enough to hide it from the wind and make it uncomfortable to come down or out along the sides. It isn't much more than a hole that was dug out by a rabbit a long time ago and widened by the wolves over time. It is easily defended, assuming that the enemy doesn't try coming down the sides as well as the front. The path that leads to the front of the den is just barely wide enough for two wolves to pass each other.

      ☺ Two cousins, born to the beta and alpha of the pack in the same year, were left at the den with the only surviving pup of the year. The elder of the two was a strong warrior, typically left as a cave guard. The younger of the two was a swift scout, usually useless due to her fickle nature. Best of friends, the two found plenty of ways to spend their time, even while babysitting. It was nearly dusk when they realized the pack wasn't back yet and a dark feeling had descended onto the land.
      ☺ Deciding that it was her job to check it out, the scout left. With in moments, she returned, breathless. Desperately, she urged her friend to wake the pup, because they had to go. Trusting her friend, the cave guard snatched up the pup, but it was too late. Two dark figures appeared in the entrance, blocking their only escape. Though they carried the pack scent and looked exactly like the alphas, they snarled and foamed at the mouth, appearing twisted.
      ☺ Quick thinking and quicker paws took the wolves over the back of the den, scrambling over the steep hill. Now, they are chased through a forest that was once their home, pursued by dark figured that were once their family.
      Hin's character and my own are close friends and pack sisters. The two are on the run from their pack when they meet a strange wolf near the edge of their territory, Leon's character. The three meet strange wolves, make new friends, and flee death in this.


    Posting Order
      ♦ Muzica-chan
      ♦ Hinfallend
      ♦ Elphaba_Thropp
      Remember to post the picture of your character in your first post. Optionally, you can give basic stats on your character: Name, age, gender, birth season, strengths, history, size, etc
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To The Death (Invite Only)
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