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 Wanna be a Victim

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PostSubject: Wanna be a Victim   Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:00 pm

WARNING: This plot includes Slavery, BDSM, NonCon, Drug Use, and a few other things
Do not read on if you're not comfortable with any of these.

Your character is a college student (age: 18-26) and lives at home with his mother, father, and younger sister. His mother and father own a shop and are constantly tired from work and trying to keep things afloat. One day, he is heading home from work when he is jumped by a few guys, drugged, and kidnapped. Hours later, he awakes in a dark room, completely alone. A single light comes on above him, illumination him, and he hears a soft voice come from the darkness, asking him if he was afraid. After a moment, a figure steps out, tall, pale, beautiful, but frightening, evil, dripping with blood. A wicked smile and the figure tells your character that he is now a slave.

Plot: Your character was sold by his parents to pay off their debt. My character was the one that bought him to be a sex slave, though his parents thought that he would just be killed. The two slowly develop an emotional connection through the abuse that my character physically inflicts on yours.

This would either be hetero or yaoi (preferred). I'd be playing the mistress or the master. Your character would be male either way.

And if you are wonder, yes. I've been reading too much yaoi manga and that is where this idea comes from. Shut up. You know you love me. :X


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Wanna be a Victim
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