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 More Than Friendship (Mature/OPEN)

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More Than Friendship (Mature/OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: More Than Friendship (Mature/OPEN)   More Than Friendship (Mature/OPEN) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 5:32 am

The loud crash of thunder and flashes of lightning were only partially the reason for her loss of sleep. On a normal day she had loved the rain and stormy weather, but today was different. Chris had broken her heart once again, but now it was the last straw. "I hate you!" she yelled over the phone in tears, before throwing it across the room. She dropped onto her bed, crying hysterically. Nothing or nobody could fill the void she felt.

The next day she went to school. She acted like nothing was wrong. Chris was a freshman in college, just graduated High School last year. He lived in the dorms, living the life of an irresponsible college boy. She would not think of him or the times. She wasn't going to go back. She couldn't.

"Syd! Hey Sydney!" she turned around quickly to see her friends. "Hey guys!" she exclaimed with glee. They started speaking about school and people as always, but all Sydney wanted to do was confide in her best friend, who wasn't with the group for some reason.

More Than Friendship (Mature/OPEN) Chick

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More Than Friendship (Mature/OPEN)
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