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 Nobody Can Know!

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PostSubject: Nobody Can Know!   Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:47 am

Ok so I got this really twisted Idea at work today....

I was bored....

Don't judge me....

I would prefer this to be either straight or Yuri... I need more of those... too many Yaoi as of late!

Anyways, there are two young teens around 15-17 and their parents decide to marry each other, making them step-siblings. Well it just so happens that the two have been attracted to one another for a very long time. One night they are hanging out in one of their rooms and they start to make out. One thing leads to another and I just really want to write some crazy ass smut! Like lots of sex once they start getting comfortable, but the trick is... Nobody can know their secret love affair... Everyone will think it's gross or weird...

If you wanna play it... Let me know what you prefer!!
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Nobody Can Know!
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