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 Lying to Myself

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PostSubject: Lying to Myself   Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:52 pm

If you want something instantly mature, you might not want to bother with this one. However, if you are one to shy away from mature content, you might not want this one either. While it will take quite a while for it to reach a mature point, *BUT* it will become mature eventually. If you know me and how I write, then you know that when I RP something mature it gets REALLY mature. ^^U

Moving on to the actual roleplay. ^^

Meet Demetrius Fuchs

26 Years Old, he is an assault specialist for the FBI's BAU. When the team has to make a move in an emergency situation and can't wait for tactical back up, he is the one to take charge despite the fact that he barely tops 5'6" and probably weighs a hundred twenty seven soaking wet. He is fluent in several languages and is currently taking classes to be a profiler with the rest of the team.

Second youngest in the group and the newest member, he is struggling to prove himself and ignore his attraction towards one of his teammates. At the start of the story line, Demetrius has only been on the team for three months, just long enough to have some trust from most of the members of the team. Already, it is a joke among the them that without his gun, the scrawny pretty boy would be worthless, despite the fact that he always seems to know the most random, but helpful things.

A noncommittal flirt, there aren't many women in their building that don't know who he is and just as many of them want a piece of him and his bedroom eyes and soft smiles encourage them all, even as he turns down their offers for drinks. He often gets lectured by either of the two women on the team and their leader as well for his behavior with the females in the office, and while he innocently apologizes, he barely waits until they've turned away to hit on the next girl.

That, however, doesn't keep his eyes from straying back to the same man.

Our characters are members of a FBI team that travels around the country, helping law enforcement locate repeat criminals. They specialize in finding serial killers and rapist. Each member of the team brings something unique to the table that helps them piece together the puzzle. There are two female agents in the field, one is my sub character, and three male agents, including the 'boss man' and Demetrius.

Now, you can play the boss man or the third guy. Either way, your character has to be dominant, at least to a degree. Demetrius won't initiate things because of varies past factors, nor will he be affectionate with his team mate in the office, but once he gets any sign that your character is interested, every time they are together, out of the gaze of their teammates, he will be overly affectionate...At least, he will be until the first time they have sex. Then he'll avoid private moments with your character while being more 'friendly' with him in the office to make up for it. This will continue until your character confronts him about it.

A lot of the story will focus on the crimes that they solve. In fact, it will be more like the team is a sub plot. We'll come up with dozens of characters to be the murderers and victims for each case and each case will be the main plot. Between cases, then we'll focus on the team.

This will be a very detailed, active RP and I need someone that is willing to spend some time brain storming with me. It might work out to be more of a collab than an actual RP. If you are game for that, then please, PLEASE join. Smile


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Lying to Myself
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