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 Head over Heals (Open)

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Head over Heals (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Head over Heals (Open)   Head over Heals (Open) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 11:42 am

Head over Heals (Open) Lirido10


Liridona swayed to the beat of the music, happy it was finally the weekend. The sound of gravel beneath her moccasin looking boots only adding to her happiness as her friends sat in the back of the pickup encouraging her. Smiling she sped up the pace, almost laughing as several passing cars honked their horns at her.

“Yeah, go Liri. Shake what the good Lord gave ya’.” Liridona almost stopped then from laughing at her friend’s sexually mocking tone and shook what the ‘good Lord’ gave her. Her chest popped with the bass beat, dipping in as her shoulders rolled do the same on the other side. She slid a foot out her hands sliding up her torso to clasps above her head. She leaned backwards and turned into a spin.

“Shut it, Adrian, she doesn’t need any more encouragement. Jeez, it’s hard enough to keep her clothed as it is.” The deep chocolate voice had Liridona stopping in mid-spin. Liridona finished the spin, her light green eyes wide with fear and shock before she was running into the arms of her twin. They were identical in all but gender.

“Quinn, when did you get back and why didn’t you send me a message via cell phone?” Liridona demanded as she snuggled into her twin’s chest her raven black hair falling about her face. Laughter rumbled from inside as arms wrapped around her.

“Obviously you never received my message, which means you are avoiding home again or the parents never gave it to you. I don’t have your new number, Donnie.” Liridona pressed her face closer into her brother’s sweater, the scent of oak and pin filled her senses. “The former since you didn’t say anything derogatory towards mother or father.”

“Wait, did you just call me Donnie again? Ugh, I’m going to kill you.” Quinn took off at a run, Liridona on his heels. Adrian, Bill, and Ely sat on the truck laughing at the familiar sight.

Liridona chased after her twin, frustrated that she was panting already. She had only been dancing for a half hour. She shouldn’t be out of breath already, damn her weak body. Blowing her hair out of her face, Liridona sped up and slammed into somebody.

“Oh, shit shit shit, I’m so sorry. Here let me help you up!” Liridona grabbed the girl’s upper arm and pulled her up, amazed at how light she seemed. “Are you alright? Seriously, I can have my friends drive you to a doctor if you like.”

(((OOC: Alright, so you have to play the girl Liridona stampeded over XD. The girl can be a prep who hates Liridona but secretly loves her on the inside, someone new, or one of Quinn’s friends he brought with him from college.)))
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Head over Heals (Open)
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