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 Identical Affection/Lovely Little Mirror Images/Butterfly Wings

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PostSubject: Identical Affection/Lovely Little Mirror Images/Butterfly Wings   Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:26 pm

Okay, this plot can either contain yuri or yaoi. It is up to the two people that join. I particularly don't care which route we go with.

Yaoi Version
Open Roles: Bi/pansexual guy; Straight female twin
My Role: Gay male twin
Role Descriptions:
Bi/Pansexual Guy: He has to be dom, but otherwise his personality, history, and looks are open for your personal tastes. The one other thing I request is that he isn't "just" attracted to my character (Like, he can't be 'gay for him') but he doesn't have to be accepting of his own orientation
Straight Female Twin: She can be bi, but she has to prefer men. Her personality and history are fairly open. She and her brother have always been protective of each other, but they tease each other and steal guys (and girls if you want) from each other. You can add whatever details to her past, but she is not allowed to have suffered any major events (as in, she can't have accidentally or purposely killed someone, raped someone, been raped, or anything similar). However, their father died when they were twelve (which was also when her brother was sent away for private school). Her looks are open, but she has to be similar in appearance to her brother.
Gay male twin: Appearance: [Link]
Personality: Flirty, acts like a slut, loves to laugh and make other's laugh, more will be displayed in plot
History: he was a trouble maker all of his life but his sister protected him from punishment for the most part. His parents got tired of it and sent him off to private school when he was 12. His father died shortly after he left. He mourned at school and didn't come home for the funeral. When he came home that summer, her brought home a boy with him. His sister stole the guy and the two quickly turned it into a game.
The gay guy comes home without warning his sister and meets his sister's bf by chance. He jokingly throws himself at the guy, leaving him confused. His sister warns him off, because she really likes the guy, which makes him jealous (he is possessive of his sister) so he decides to steal the guy and there starts the love triangle. The bi-guy realizes quickly that both want him and he can (a, be torn between the two or b, decide to play them both)
Strict Rules
The bi guy has to be equally attracted to both
Anything 'mature' has to be done via PM or on a second thread we create
Additional characters may be added, but they are not allowed to have serious relationships with any of the main three (though there can be secondary plots). Secondary plots have to be agreed upon by all members.

Yuri Version
Open Roles: Bi/pansexual girl; Straight male twin
My Role: Bi/lesbian female twin
Role Descriptions:
Bi/pansexual girl: her personality, history, and looks are fairly open for your personal tastes. The only thing that I request is that she is aware of her attraction to females, but is sincerely in love with the male twin.
Straight Male Twin: his personality is open, but he most be extremely competitive against his twin sister and have a love/hate relationship with her (like he'd beat the shit out of anyone that said a bad word about her, but would eagerly shove her down a flight of stairs...well, maybe not that extreme.) Their histories are fairly open, but must not include any world altering happenings (like, he cannot have killed, raped, been raped, or anything like that) and they have been competitive since they were born and stole girlfriends from each other since they were both fifteen. His looks are fairly open, but don't have him overly muscular or tall and his natural hair color will be pale blond or similar. He can be bi if you want, but he has to have a strong preference for females. He doesn't have to honestly love the bi girl, (though he can!), but he does have to be possessive of her/want to keep her from his sister
Bi/Lesbian Female Twin: she is flirty with females and seems to know instantly when others like her. Her history is fairly normal, though their parents are upper middle class so they have always lived fairly well in lavish. She was sent off to an all girls boarding school for bad behavior. She has blond hair and either purple, blue, or green eyes. She wants to steal the bi girl from her brother at first, but eventually falls for her. [Link] to her looks.
Actual Plot:
The bi/pans girl (b/pg) and the straight male twin (smt) have been dating for a while now (the two people that are taking the roles how long they have been together, but it has to be long enough that the b/pg feels comfortable saying that she loves him). The female twin comes home and meets the b/pg and the two start talking and become friends. Her brother tells her to not even try to get her and so begins the love triangle.
Strict Rules
The girl has to be torn between the two. She is not allowed to like one or the other better. I mean, at first she can favor the male, but she has to grow out of that pretty quickly.
Anything 'mature' has to be done via PM or on a second thread we create.
Additional characters have to be discussed and agreed upon unless they are minor roles.
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Identical Affection/Lovely Little Mirror Images/Butterfly Wings
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