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 OMGOMGOMG I made this site so all of you have to read this!

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PostSubject: OMGOMGOMG I made this site so all of you have to read this!   Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:10 pm

Okay, I just had an idea and I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to do it! Very Happy

It is gay romance/yaoi, so anyone who isn't interested can leave now.


So...anyone watch the movie a Knight's Tale? If yes, great! That is what inspired this. If not, that's cool. You don't need to know it.

The gist of the RP is this commoner sneaks into the joisting contest. He is lying about who he is and the rest of that. There is also a prince who has snuck in, lying about who he is and the rest of that. The two of them meet in the ring, beat the shit out of each other, and then go out for drinks. There, the two instantly hit it off and end up drinking in celebration of their new friendship...then drinking for the King of France...and the king of England...and the Princess's wedding next year...and the King's wedding twenty years ago...and then for the happy looking dog by the fireplace....etc. They toast and drink and drink and toast until they are roaring drink, then they stumble their asses up the stairs to the room the prince had rented and flop down on the bed. They kiss (maybe do more) and then pass out drunk. They wake up, go off to the contest, both convinced the other hates them but still wanting to see the other, and they spy on each other for a while and then catch each other, come clean about their feelings, go all the way (if they haven't already) and then they have to face each other in the ring again. Which ever one wins, wins. Just before the festival ends and winners are announced, the commoner is outed and they send him to the gallows. The prince wasn't there for whatever reason, but as soon as he finds out what happens, he outs himself, goes and saves the commoner, and then forces him to come back to the palace with him.

The commoner has to have had a really bad childhood because of the prince so he sort of hates him for that reason. He doesn't want to, but he still does. When they reach the palace, he tries to leave, but the prince refuses to let him. They end up fighting, fucking, and figuring things out over the course of their stay at the palace.

Then they prince's parents show up.

-dramatic music-

and after that we can brain storm.

All I require is someone that can write brilliantly and play a dom/top/seme. You will need a picture. Your character can be the prince or the commoner.

You may have as many side characters as you want, but if you plan to start a romance between one of your side characters and one of mine, give me the heads up first so we can come up with a plot for that.

I am willing to RP this with more than one person, so if you're interested, don't worry if someone else has posted. Very Happy I am sure it will be unique and interesting every time. Smile


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OMGOMGOMG I made this site so all of you have to read this!
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