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 CBNS and MS Ideas (Check these out! :D)

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PostSubject: CBNS and MS Ideas (Check these out! :D)   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:41 pm

Caged Bird Never Sings and Melting Snow are both plots to stories that I may or may not write. Please don't 'borrow' them or my characters. With most of my other plots, I don't mind this (I mean, half the story does belong to the person I RP with) but these two are favorites of mine. I hope this isn't offensive to anyone, since most of you are writer's as well and I know you all have your own plots and don't need mine...I actually feel like an idiot for even saying it. OTL

Either of these can be mature or not. Like always, I don't particularly care if they are mature, so long as it fits well with the plot/scene. If you are interested, tell me whether you want them to be mature or not.

  • Melting Snow
MS is about a trio I've been wondering where to start with for a while. They are all childhood friends that were kidnapped, stolen and sold. Now, the three live in a white manor. Everything about the place is white/colorless, even them, except for eyes. The paintings and pictures in the house are black and white, except for the eyes. The people that work there are white, except for their eyes. The status are white, except for their eyes. Everything is like that.

The trio have lived there for so long, they feel like they have forgotten color. Then, your character shows up. Your character can change the white to black, cast them into a rainbow melody, or whatever else you want. The story would just be about your character coming into their lives and stirring things up, making them change.

Each of my characters is a different creature. One is a dragon (she is the only female of the trio). One is a wolf. The last is a cat. They have a relatively complex friendship/relationship already, though it is strictly emotional (since they all agree that if two of them were together, the third would be forgotten and that's not fair).

Your character can be anything you want him to be. He can be as black and white is the life they already live, or he can be a colorful, creative person. My only request is that he is dominant.

  • Caged Bird Never Sings
CBNS is about a newer character of mine. He was born with two gifts and two curses. His gift is that he grew wings at a young age and could easily fly. His curse was that he was born without sight. He has beautiful, blue eyes that gaze blankly at a world. His second curse is that he has wings. He has not yet learned of his second gift.

Throughout his life, he has been sold, abused, stolen, freed, and caged. He has no faith left in the world. Oddly, he isn't scared, but he is completely numb, because he feels raped and used and just dead inside. Nothing anyone does really reaches him anymore Cruel or kind, it's all the same to him. He barely realizes that there is a world outside of his mind.

The story would start when or just after he is given the offer to see again.

Blue is the first color that he learns and he learns it because he blinks and as his eyes open, he sees a demon dressed all in blue. This demon offered him his eye sight in exchange for his second gift. Since he never learned what it was, he willingly gave his second gift.

His whole outlook (no pun intended) on life changes as soon as his eyes open. He becomes extroverted and loves the whole world. However, the gift he never realized he had was life. He remains with only two months to live and for the last month, he will be sick, coughing and dying.

Now, I am thinking for this, I would like if your character was the demon dressed in blue. However, this isn't necessary. Your character can merely be a stranger that he meets on the road or he can be my character's master. It is up to you.

When you ask to join, please post what you want your character to be.
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PostSubject: Re: CBNS and MS Ideas (Check these out! :D)   Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:40 pm

CBNS kinda died Sad it seemed interesting, too... bleh. We could attempt to revive it if you want.
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CBNS and MS Ideas (Check these out! :D)
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