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 Greetings to Endless Farewells

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PostSubject: Greetings to Endless Farewells   Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:49 pm

  • Do not bother wasting your time reading on if you have anything against polygamy.
Click the word to read more if you aren't sure of what it is.

  • This story takes place in a world that is very similar to the sixteenth century of European countries. Primary differences include the manner of ruler ship, species and other small things.
    (Women born into a high rank are permitted to take over that rank if they are not married and there is no suitable related male to take over.
    When a man married a woman of a higher rank, he gains her rank. When a woman marries a man of a higher rank, she does not gain his rank, but their children do.)
    (The vast majorities of species are the same, but there are certain creatures that do not exist on earth. The most common of which is a A'rD (are-dee), which look like extremely large birds that can be ridden. They come in a rainbow of colors but black, brown, gray, and cream are the most common.)

  • This story revolves around four characters. Certain aspects of the characters (aka their roles) have been nail down and are solid and will not be changed. Anything that is not defined about this (This includes personality, large parts of their history, appearance, and other aspects) are free for you to define and create.

  • We need all four roles to be claimed before we start. While I would love to have four individuals in on the RP, if we can not, I will claim on extra character (unless only one person expresses interest and then we shall both RP two).

  • The general past of the characters is: The Maid and the Leader were friends as children, but the Rebellion leader was going to be put to death because her mother attempted to kill the King. The Leader was rescued by the Warrior, who was the son of a Knight at the time. The two of them ran away from the castle and into the Black Forest, where the outcast and conspirators lived. There they met the Hunter and soon made friends with him.

    The Hunter's history is basically completely fluid.

    The Maid grew up in the castle, waiting for the Leader to summon her, since the two promised that they would spend their lives together. Even though they were only 7/8 years old, the Maid waited patiently for it, never falling in love with anyone else, but never realizing that she was in love with the Leader.

    In the Black Forest, the Leader, Warrior, and Hunter grew closer together and the Leader steadily gained rank. Being a woman, she didn't get a lot of respect, so the Warrior would stand up for her when the men were being sexist. In the end, the two ended up taking over the whole rebellion.

    The Leader and Warrior eventually start a romantic relationship, though they always remain more friends than lovers. The Warrior and Hunter also start to gain feelings for each other. The Leader also has trouble forgetting the Maid, which is why she eventually writes to the other girl.

  • The actual story line would start with the Maid role. She is venturing from her home into the forest, because she thinks that she was summoned by the Leader of the Rebellion. As she enters the forest, she is ambushed by a group of scouts for the rebellion, including the Hunter. She is taken to the camp, where she is met by the Leader, who is not happy that she is there, since she hadn't meant for the other to venture into the forest.

    The story would follow the four and the rebellion:
    the Maid tries to find her place in the camp, figure out her feelings for the Leader, the Hunter, and the Warrior.
    the Leader as she faces the demons of her past, and tries to figure out who she should pick the Warrior, the Maid or the Hunter
    the Hunter while he tries to avenge his murdered family, and figure out what he feels for the Warrior, the Maid, and the Leader
    the Warrior and his struggle with the fact that he betrayed his family and his feelings towards the Hunter, the Leader, and the Maid

Set Information on Each Character
The Leader is 17, female, very bold and brave (if interested in her PM me so I can tell you details that are not to be shared with the other members of the RP)
She loves the Maid and the Warrior equally and the Hunter only slightly less so.
The Maid is 15, female, timid and obedient but passionate for what she loves (everything about her history is optional)
She loves the Leader and the Hunter equally and the Warrior only slightly less
The Hunter is 16, male, quiet and thoughtful and filled with a well hidden anger
He loves the Warrior and Maid equally and the Leader only slightly less so
The Hunter is my Character
The Warrior is 18, male, brave, noble, and loyal with a family in knighthood
He loves the Leader and the Hunter equally and the maid only slightly less so.

This roleplay would not reach a mature state for quite a while between most of them. Homosexuality is generally frowned on in their world and if they lived in the kingdom, they would be put to death. The rebellion group accepts it, but is not friendly about their relationships and can often be cruel towards the Maid and Hunter, which causes the Maid to be less affectionate and makes the Hunter more clingy.

Post comments, questions, or concerns below. If interested, please have a name and picture picked out before posting. Remember, the Hunter is not open for selection.
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Greetings to Endless Farewells
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