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 A Most Peculiar Way [ O / M? ]

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A Most Peculiar Way [ O / M? ] Empty
PostSubject: A Most Peculiar Way [ O / M? ]   A Most Peculiar Way [ O / M? ] I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 1:37 am

    A Most Peculiar Way [ O / M? ] 3a86b1d55
    Nia North is smart, and she knows it. She doesn't give a rats ass about other people, 'fun', and especially love. As far as she's concerned, the only thing that matters in her life is getting her Ph.D. She wants to be an Astronautical Engineer when she get's out of college, and that's all she's focused on. She doesn't care about her relationships with people, she doesn't care how she looks, and she doesn't care about her health. Nia just doesn't care.

    Well, she kind of cares about her family. Kind of. Her father is in the Air Force, but he only fixes the planes. Her mother pretty much dresses dogs for competitions for a living, and her little sister, Tina is just a Junior in high school. Nia cares about them, but she doesn't let them revolve around her life. She stays with her family because it's cheaper then staying in the dorms, and she doesn't want anybody to break into her house. Admittedly, it's so they won't steal her work.

    Tina is a very outgoing person, though. She's always having friends over, especially a certain girl. This girl stays for weekends often, and during this time she has fallen for Tina's older sister, Nia. Nia doesn't really notice her, except that there's an extra space at the table for her. This girl has fallen hard for Nia though, and she wants her to notice.

    - - - - - ♥

    Nia walked into the house with a cigarette lit. It was her second one since she left school, and she was glad. They had a particularly difficult test today, and she wasn't as prepared as she should have been. She knew most of the answers, so she wasn't worried about failing, but she was worried that she didn't get that perfect score she craved. She sighed and threw her bag on the dining room table and grabbed a can of Dr Pepper and a jar of pickles. Pickles helped her think for some reason, but she didn't question it.

    She sighed and popped open a can, grabbing the pickle with her bare hand and biting a chunk out of it. She got out a handful of papers and looked over them. Nia sighed heavily, her weekend was going to be busy. She popped open her can of soda with one hand, and swallowed, savoring the burn of the carbonated bubbles as they went down her throat. She breathed out, then slammed her can onto the kitchen table. She desperately hoped she got a perfect score.

    [[ Your character is Tina's friend, also a junior in high school. c: Um... make sure they have a good reason for coming to the house so often, other then just because she likes Nia. Something like she has a crappy home life and Tina tries to relieve her of it when she can, or something else. Just a good reason, por favor. xD Oh, and Nia is like, 19. Graduated early from High school and is in her 3rd year of college or something. ]]
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A Most Peculiar Way [ O / M? ]
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