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 Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post)

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Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post)   Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2011 12:52 am

Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 XYuui

Aiko was shaken awake by her mother. "Come on Aiko, you have to go to school. It's your first day!" Her mother was always excited to get her out of the house. But Aiko was a very shy and timid creature. She normally kept to herself and barely ever spoke to anyone. She quickly got up and dressed for her first day at her new school. She had never been to a girl's school before, but her mother insisted she change school on account of the males were "terrible creatures that just wanted sex" as her mother would say. She walked down the stairs and released a loud sigh as she picked up her backpack.

Aiko followed her mother to the car and sat in the passenger seat. She stared out the window as her mother started to give her "words of inspiration" as she would banter on about how a new life was "good for her" and things like that. Finally they drove into the parking lot and Aiko raced out of the car. Her mother called after her, but Aiko shouted back, "I will find my way mom." She quickly headed for a building that looked like the main office. She had little difficulty finding the office and was quickly aided in obtaining her schedule of classes. Calculus, Drama, English, Spanish, World History, and Biology. It was a large schedule, but Aiko loved the work. She held her schedule tight in hand and a map of the school.

As she walked out of the office, she held the map in front of her face, not really paying much attention to where she was wondering. She had noticed by the feel of the ground, that she was no longer walking on pavement. The grass bristled against her shoes as she walked quickly. Suddenly she ran face first into a very hard object. She fell flat on her butt and let out a moan of pain. She dropped her hands to her sides and looked up. A tree. She let out a small laugh and just laid down on her back. 'Why get up? Maybe I could just stay here?' she thought to herself. After a few hours she did just that. She stood up and decided to walk to find the cafeteria. Maybe lunch would be starting soon. She stood outside the main door and stared at the handle.

[[Aiko is shy and needs somebody to help her out. She might take a while to open up, but she will. She has a negative view on males and not really any opinion about females. She will definitely start to like the person and do whatever they do]]

Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Game

Kaile (pronounced Kai-li) sat on her bed, listening to music. She scrolled up and down the laptop screen on her lap. She instant messaged some of her friends until she realized the time. Sure it was her last year before college, but she still wanted at least decent grades although she never really tried hard. She looked down at her clothes. Pajama pants and a tank top, perfect for school. She grabbed her few books and headed out of her dorm. She shouted something to her friend down the hall before she headed out to class, Music. She walked into class and grabbed her guitar from her designated closet. The music teacher loved Kaile for her beautiful work, singing voice, and attitude. Music was the only thing she truly showed herself in. Everything, every strum of her gentle hand across wooden beauty was from the heart and soul of everything she is.

She sat down in her chair and started to play a few cords, humming to herself.

[[Kaile is a Senior and does care about class, but she also likes to party. Any type of female will do for her, but she really likes the cheerleader types. She has a tendency to "talk" to more than one female at a time, so maybe a female to chill her out and keep her grounded.]]
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Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post)   Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2011 7:44 pm

Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Aren14

Aren felt herself flush before she could help herself. Go to her house?? And then she got a hold on herself. 'She's gotta check on somebody. That means we won't be alone.' Against her judgement, she pouted slightly. 'Hush you, you just met.' She told her perverted mind. "That would be great... but who's Chase?" Then she smiled. "Lead the way oh fair maiden." Giving a theatrical bow, She smirked happily.

Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Karen_13

Karen now figured it was safe to be around this girl, so she smiled and said. "Oh yes, i think i'll fall for you. Just the right amount of spacey and flirty." Then she grinned evilly. "Hope your ready!!" Then she spun around and ran, but not before pinching the suprised girls ass. "Come and get me, bright eyes!"

(((OOC: Sorry if these sucked. Kinda had to struggle through them.)))
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Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post)   Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 7:21 pm

Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 14bt3412

Xoe smiled, her cheeks taking on a slightly blood-red hue. She forced her lingering gaze to stare steadily at Suzuki's kind eyes. She nodded, before following the older girl. She didn't mind not taking the paths, since it might take longer than usual. She hurried to stay in step with the older girl, smiling as she gazed at the school grounds. On occasion, she will steal a sideways glance at the older girl, blushing the same blood-red hue.

The young teen listened to the steady rapping of Suzuki's shoes. Her own black shoes made a softer tapping sound. She saw her classroom door grow near, and frowned to herself. She didn't want her time to end with Suzuki, even if it was short. She stood by Suzuki, smiling kindly. She replied, "Thank you for helping me find my class. I'll be sure to wait up and ask for more directions." She giggled her soft, high-pitched giggle, biting her lower lip slightly. She let her green gaze travel over the other female's body, this time letting it be more noticeable on purpose.

Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 10p3rd11[

Narith smiled, grinning softly at the girl. She knew what Karen meant, about how she'll fall for the brown-haired female. She was unprepared for the pinch, so she let out a startled gasp. She grinned, her eyes gleaming a little with a playfully challenge look. She raced after the girl, calling, "You better run, pretty!" She put on a small burst of speed, actually grateful for joining sports over the summer.

She watched Karen's green hair fall behind her, smiling softly to herself. Her eyes were focused not on Karen's back, but on her ass. She watched it for a few moments, before remembering what she was doing. She continued to race after the green-haired girl, laughing. She tried to reach out, hoping to wrap her arms around Karen's waist and pull her to the ground.
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Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post)   Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post) - Page 2 I_icon_minitime

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Xanthe High (OTA | Read The First Post)
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