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 Must RP...

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PostSubject: Must RP...   Must RP... I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 10:09 am


This is like the twentieth time this year that I've been like, "I seriously want to RP Lord of the Rings."

Now, obviously I want to do a slash pairing, because that's just how I role. Below are some pairings I'd consider.

Eowyn X Arwen
Gimli X Legalos
Aragorn X Legalos
Sam X Frodo

Or we could make original characters and interject them into the story, though I'd prefer not to do that. For each pairing I have a slightly different plot.

For Eowyn and Arwen, I'm really indifferent about who tops. I would love to RP either of these kick ass ladies.
For the plot, I am thinking that during the final war between the forces of Mordor and the other races, when elves, dwarfs, and humans stand shoulder to shoulder in one last epic battle, their only hope is that Frodo reaches the fiery hell in time, our two ladies meet on the battle field. As one, they cut through the ranks of hell and manage to keep each other alive and unwounded. Though they don't know each other, the battle lasts so long that when it ends they feel as if they are in love with each other. That night, they find each other in the camp and without thought of consequence or action, they passionately embrace each other. When morning comes, Arwen is still promised to Aragorn and Eowyn still has her duty. Without even knowing the other's name, they part, going their separate the same direction. After Arwen is married to Aragorn and Eowyn has returned to duty in Rohan, the two women meet again, and so begins their struggle between their duties and their love.

With Gimli and Legalos, I want Gimli to top or be the dominant one. I could RP either, but I'm more confident with Legalos's personality/character.
As for the plot, I am thinking that this would be after everything has ended and returned to its normal peace. Gimli and Legalos are 'forced' to work together by their respective rulers to increase relations between their species. (We're gonna say that only High Elves left, but the Wood Elves remained on Middle Earth). The two of them are going around, spending most of their time camping in the woods and living a rough life, killing the few remaining orcs and generally having a good time of things. Their friendship is strong and it is slowly blooming into more. They go to each others homes and see beauty that they never could have on their own. They have a really teasing relationship for a while, but then one or the other is confronted by the opposite species (e.i. Gimli is threatened by Wood Elves or Legalos is threatened by Dwarfs, or maybe attacked). The other finds out and flips out on their comrades. The one that was attacked asks why. There is a brief moment of confusion and then feelings burst forth, confessions come out and they do 'H' things. Later, they will face the consequences of their respective kings and both are given tasks they must to do redeem their 'loyalty' to their kind. They go through with them and the final task they are given is to never see each other again. At that point, they decide to run away together. Who knows where things will go from there. (Maybe King Aragorn tracks them down? *perverted implications* XD)

Now Aragorn and Legalos, I want Aragorn to be the dominant one, however, Legolas can top just as easily in my opinion. Again, I want to RP as Legalos.
With the plot, I'm considering this while the Fellowship is still completely together. In fact, it would be right after they leave. Legolas confronts Aragorn about how he acts like the leader, even though Gandolf is supposed to lead them. Now, Aragorn can either taunt Legolas a little and then pins him bye surprise and takes advantage of him. Not rape, because Legolas was already attracted to Aragorn and acting like a cat in heat despite the fact that he wanted to be more violent and mean towards Aragorn. After that, they have a bit of an abusive relationship, Aragorn doing small things to torment Legolas and Legolas trying to hide it from the Fellowship and unable to resist Aragorn for some reason that even he doesn't understand. In the end, things grow less twisted and into something gentle and loving...right before the Fellowship splits up, so they are constantly stuck with Gimli and can't do anything for the longest time...and we'll see where the plot goes from there.

For Sam and Frodo, I want Sam to top and I would actually like to play Sam.
This would be while they are traveling together, alone. It would start out with their normal friendship and bloom into something more while following the story-line of the movies, traveling towards Mordor together and growing closer and Frodo becoming weaker and more distraught...DON'T JUDGE ME!

Of course, I am open to all original ideas and pairing. Those are just my favorite pairings and plots.

Yes, I am a rabid fan girl.

No, I won't hesitate to bite your finger off.

No, I don't mean that in a good way.

Yes, you should back away in fear.

Must RP... Explosion
I ripped the tag off a mattress.
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PostSubject: Re: Must RP...   Must RP... I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 03, 2010 5:52 pm

Alright... I would be down for all of them but Gimli and Legolas... Since Gimli is FUGLY!!!
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Must RP...
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