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 Galena's Game Box (23 New Ideas :D)

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PostSubject: Galena's Game Box (23 New Ideas :D)   Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:40 pm

I've got a bunch of RP ideas. All of these already have been posted on another site so I already have all of these typed up, so they'll be posted fast. ^_^ (Though I might have to change the gender of the character(s) >.>)

    I will be constantly updating this for RPs that are taken, can be recycled, are open, and are new. This is the only place I plan to post my ideas to check back from time to time.

All of my ideas can be femslash(yuri) or slash (yaoi). (Dun ask why I don't RP hetero. It's a long story filled with loads of my failure.) Some of the summaries are typed as yaoi or yuri, but don't let that put you off. If you are interested in a plot that has females but want yaoi, just say so.

PM me with the title that you want to RP, whether you want to RP it as yaoi or yuri, and a few details on your character, please.

Of course, all original ideas are welcome. ^_^

New Ideas!

Whisper of Silk

"They say she appears in the night with the sound of silk rustling. She comes and goes like a ghost. A murderer. A thief. A liar. They say that her sins know no boundaries."
Blodwyn is a Welsh Princess who disappeared from her family's castle over five hundred years ago. The year is 2010 and for nearly fifty years, people have claimed to have spotted this royal beauty on and off in an American manor house. The legend of this ghost draws many curious souls to the manor to spend a night.

Your character came to the manor house to find out about the ghosts. What happens when the "ghost" isn't as transparent as they thought and can leave a mark?
    Your character can be anything you want. Blodwyn is a vampire.
    You can have more than one character.
    We could possibly turn this into a group idea of any one would be interested. Have it that the house is "haunted" by a colony of vampires.
    Yaoi or yuri (or both Very Happy:D)
    Open to all original ideas/suggestions.

No Nonsense

Despite being named after the Norse God of Mischief, Loki is a very no nonsense sort of person. He doesn't believe in ghost, magic, or anything else of that sort. His identical twin, Thor, however, is a strong believer. What happens when the two brothers go to a haunted house one Halloween and Loki's disbelief is challenged?
    Vampire plz? Very Happy:D I would love to have Loki and Thor either run into a werewolf or a vampire or something like that.
    This doesn't have to be romance
    Or maybe one of the twins gets seduced? Wink
    I'm open to ideas on this one. I Just have a vague idea and two new OCs Very Happy
    Of course, I can turn them into ladies in an instant and we can have some yuri Very Happy

Cry of the Moon

This one would be about wolf shifters. Two friends (or maybe they don't really know each other as humans) are born to normal families, but when they hit puberty, they learn to transform into wolves. They live near a forest so the two met there. We can pick if they know each other in real life, realize the other is actually a human, or what. Anyway, after a day or so of normalness, our characters will learn about this comet that is going to crash into the moon. Another day or so passes and then the comet hits into the earth. There is a bit of forced normalness and then the two meet in the forest as wolves, trying to get away from their frantic human families. They decide to leave together, since they can eat raw meat and are basically human. Things would go from there. It would be normal human drama, starvation and maybe a few other human/wolf packs.
    I would prefer if your character was dom, though mine is going to be dom too, because semeXseme is the best. Period.
    This can be yaoi or yuri
    Our characters don't have to have a romantic relationship if you'd prefer if they didn't
    This might be mature for violence.
    Open to ideas. In fact, I DEMAND THEM!

Stockholm Syndrome
This will have two plots being written at once.
One will be about this girl/guy that is a teenager and captured from their home by a serial killer. For some reason, the serial killer can't seem to kill him/her and just keeps him/her and tortures them relentlessly. In time, the two "fall in love" and start kidnapping other wo/men and torturing them.
The other plot would be about these two cops whom are trying to catch the serial killer. The two cops have always been friends and start to fall in love for whatever reason. (Maybe one of them goes through a break up and is trying to be strong or maybe one of them loses a family member to the killer) but they end up hooking up.
After a while, the victim will try to escape, maybe sell her capture out to the cops or maybe the cops will catch up, but the first crime will be solved and after that, we can think up a new one.
    You can play the victim or the capture
    I would prefer if you played the dominant cop
    Your cop character can be 'straight' at first and even in a relationship or can be gay and attracted to mine, just tell me which you are going to RP
    Kinks are open for the victim/capture
    Plot ideas are always welcome.
    Yaoi or yuri for either of them
    We could have yaoi for one and yuri for the other even Very Happy


Cinderella was born to a rich, powerful father. Cinderella's mother was soft spoke and kind. The woman loved her child and taught them to be just like her. When Cinderella was a mere five years old, her mother passed on. Knowing he wasn't capable of raising a child, Cinderella's father remarried. The woman was cruel and had two of her own children. Cinderella was treated as a servant while their father was gone, but when he came back, Cinderella was treated like a prince(ss). Still, Cinderella took after his/her mother: soft spoke and kind. One day, Cinderella's father died while traveling. S/He didn't believe it was true until her/his wicked step-mother sold him/her. Sold from one owner to the next, Cinderella was tortured in life, but found peace and beauty in her dreams as s/he dreamed of Prince(ss) Charming. One day, much to his/her shock, s.he was bought by her/his prince(ss). Would this be a happily ever after or another torture?
    Okay, I want to play Cinderella in this one, and s/he would be submissive
    I will play Prince(ss) Charming if I've RP'd with you before though~
    This is a pretty loose plot.
    Prince(ss) Charming could have known Cinderella before and that's why Cinderella dreamed of him/her
    (and maybe that's why Prince(ss) charming bought Cinderella?)
    That's up to you
    Prince(ss) Charming could have been forced to buy a personal slave by his/her parents
    Prince(ss) Charming could have bought Cinderella by sheer chance
    Prince(ss) Charming can be cruel or kind or anything in between
    Maybe once they 'fall in love' they could go back and kill the wicked step-mother and then be on the run?
    This is open for ideas! Yaoi or yuri! Very Happy

Living in the Fire

Aura did what every child considered doing at some point or another as they grew up: she ran away and joined the circus. Only seven years old, the young girl ran away and never looked back. Her youth let her forget about the past easier and her life became preforming. She was a contortionist, Trappist, and dancer, the three blending for her routine. Proud of herself and cocky, Aura felt she could best anything life threw at her. How wrong she was.
    I either want to have it that the circus closes down, changes management or your character joins.
    Of course other ideas are welcome.
    I'd prefer if your character was, if not dominant, open in her advances.
    If we RP this yaoi, my character would be submissive.
    This will be open to almost anything (including magic and nonhumans)

Best friends since high school, it's easy to fall in love, especially if they are your type, the only person that has ever really attracted you. However, mind over matter works and when you see that they love someone else, you protect your heart and stay far, far away. However, your mind can only control so much and being drawn together can be painful, but irresistible. When that happens, what more can you do than give in?
Two girls/boys met in a boarding school during high school. One of them had always thought of themselves as asexual before because they weren't attracted to anyone, but then they met and they both felt sparks. However, friendship bloomed naturally between them and the other one didn't want to ruin their friendship. The other boy/girl had always been very sexual and slept around a lot, very comfortable with their body and always wanting to find someone perfect. They went through highschool and then college together, and ended up renting an apartment together while they body work towards their dreams. The one who thought s/he was asexual has learned that his/her friend isn't out for love just fun, so s/he can live with that.
    You can RP either character, but they will both be dom and sub (seke) and probably will bicker over dominance, if they end up together
    You need to RP one of the two characters mentioned above, but I would like to add in one or two other characters
    someone for the "asexual" character to like and someone for the 'sexual' character to feel serious about
    This can end up with them getting together, them each finding happiness, the asexual falling in love the sexual getting jealous and winning him/her back only to go back to cheating, or anything of the like
    Plot twists and ideas are open and welcome.

Relic of a Time Long Since Gone

It was only a mater of time before humans figure out how to make artificial life. Creatures made from nothing more the science now exist everywhere, called Relics, though most of the 'human' ones, also known as dolls, are only owned by the rich. However, organ donor Relics are available to most in most countries, and animal Relics can be genetically made to prevent allergies and be more intelligent at a reasonable price.
This is every day life for all, however, science tends to develop beyond expectations. What happens when one such self developing doll Relic is released into the world?
    Your character should probably be dominant for this one, because my character is said Relic.
    Your character can either be a master who bought him, kind or cruel
    Someone who received him by accident
    or something else.
    If you are okay with RPing more than one thread, I would love to RP these with a kind master, a cruel master, and someone who receives him by accident, just so that so he can develop in all three directions. However, you don't have to.
    I am open for all suggestions
    Once something starts on an actual emotional level between our characters, I would like for my character's intelligence to be discovered and reported so they want to take him away. However, if you want to do a more simple romance plot, that works too.
    Your character should be dominant in this one (my character probably will seem to have very little of a personality at the start actually.)
    Any and all kinks are open for this one.
    Ideas and suggestions are open and welcomed.

Saving Each Other For Our Own Abuse

Because he was the hero he rescued his best friend.
Seventeen years old, Lakyle was involved with an older guy that was abusing him and treating him so wrong that it was painful for those that cared about him. However, he wouldn't listen to any of them. So his best friend, his hero, took advantage of him physically, a blatant display of how twisted his relationship was, and Lakyle ended it.
Years late and now they are in high school, seemingly normal friends to all. However, Lakyle is his hero's relationship 'consultant'. His hero is in love with a woman, but she keeps breaking his heart, using him, and then breaking up with him. Through all of this, Lakyle supports him. When the hero is separate from the woman, he dates Lakyle, but when the woman whistles, he goes running, leaving Lakyle alone, completely unaware that Lakyle has fallen and fallen hard for him.
    I would be RPing as Lakyle and as the woman.
    I sort of want to start this out with the hero just having been left by the woman again and begging Lakyle to take him back.
    From there, you can either have your character gradually start falling for Lakyle, add another character for Lakyle to fall for, or something else
    I'm open for all ideas on this one
    Your character should be a least a little dominant
    Kinks are open to this one. ^^
    Ooooh, this would be fun to play as two females. XD Delightfully twisted.

You're A Dancer, You're Not A Lover
Neka is a professional dancer in a very upscale, popular club. Sheer luck got him hired, but now he is one of the best. No one knows about his past and he isn't giving out any details, since everyone had already figured out that he lied about his age. Now his roommate has moved out and this could spell disaster for the young lad.
    Your character could
    A dancer new to town who gets hired at the club, but moves in with Neka. They compete, support each other (financially), and have fire hot sparks
    A bartender that starts to get to know him better
    A bouncer that saves him from getting attacked and/or previous feelings for him
    The manager offering Neka tips for "favors"
    Or someone else I'm not creative enough to mention
    All I require is a dominant personality
    I have a fairly solid plan for this one and where it is going
    It can be mature for sexual content or it could remain fluff
    It will be mature for violence and drugs
    No major kinks with this one starting out (unless it fits the plot, I guess)
    All original ideas are welcomed

Save Me From Myself

Fairly similar to Saving Each Other, but some key differences. One, the whole scene when they were seventeen didn't happen. They are just best friends, but my character, Remus, is madly in love with his best friend who is assumed to be straight as a board. Also, they are in highschool.
Remus did this to himself. If he had head better control, no one would have been hurt. If he had been smarter, no one would have been left behind. If, if, if, but all the ifs in the world hadn't stopped him from falling for his best friend. Of course, no one knows how much he loved him. His friends have guessed, but thankfully his friend hasn't. In fact, his friend doesn't see much beyond that whore he is constantly on and off with. It is killing Remus, but at least the only on in pain is himself.
    I will RP Remus and the girl
    I would appreciate if you RP as the friend, but you can also have as many other characters as you want.
    Remus's friend is on and off with a girl that cheats on him and dumps him, and every time he runs to Remus for comfort.
    Your character(s) that are involved with Remus should be a least a little dominant.
    They can start out as friends with benefits or just normal friends. it's up to you.
    More than likely, if it doesn't start at that point, it will develop to it eventually.
    This can be mature or just fluff.
    No major kinks
    Open for ideas.
    Femslash is love, lol.

Open Road
Ioan is running away from everything that is haunting him. Far behind him is a presence that is torturing him and before him is his only solace: the road. Driven by the primal need to escape, he drives across the country, trying to lose the memory of Rafael, his ex-boy friend. One night, exhaustion and the rain drive him off the road to a hotel that may just change his life. Inside the warm light of the place, he meets a male that bears a striking resemblance to his ex lover, and the whole place is entrapped in a sense of mystery.
    Your character can be another guest, a staff member, the manager of the hotel, or anyone else that you want
    I would like if your character's name was similar or the same as Ioan's ex. However, that's up to you.
    Your character can be human, vampire, werewolf, or anything else that you want
    My character here is submissive
    This one probably won't be smutty (at least not at first) unless your character has some supernatural ability

Always A Fighter

Born and raised a warrior for a pack of werewolves, Willow is a strong individual with a fighting spirit and wild passion. One day, her life is turned upside down as her home in the mountains is invaded. Despite her intense strength and fierce determination, she is captured by her mortal enemy: vampires. Dressed in silver chains and subdued, she is taken to a vampire town and put up for auction to the highest bidder.
    Your character can either be a mystical creature that buys Willow or someone who saves her
    If your creature saves Willow, please make it a little logical. (One werewolf against an army of ancient vampires wouldn't work so well).
    If your character buys Willow, she can be kind or cruel
    If your character buys Willow, make her powerful and dominant
    This one can have a lot of fluff or a lot of smut
    Open for ideas
    Kinks are possible
    Yaoi is also possible XD

On My Back, What A Laugh

Tevin has always been an odd one to those that know him. Most of the time he is quiet and doesn't speak to anyone, except himself, but when someone asks his opinion, he is very blunt about it. There is a softness to him that is almost feminine, yet he is assured and comfortable with his masculinity. He openly desires to find a true love, but he is letting his roommate play with his body and heart. Tevin isn't stupid. He knows that his college roommate is experimenting with him and it will never be anything more, but he makes no attempts to stop it. He just can't seem to find the will. There is something about the twisted game and the male in question that he just loves.
    I know, I know. This is almost too much like Saving Each Other and Save Me, but, again, there are some differences.
    I would like if you were playing either a professor or a class mate of Tevin's, who is friends with him and knows about his roommate and either
    A) wants some of that (lol)
    B) wants to help Tevin get away from his roommate
    If you want, you can RP the roommate (and he can either like Tevin or just be playing with him) but you don't have to
    This one I need some more ideas for plot twists to be honest
    Please have dominant (a) character(s)
    Open for ideas and everything

Empower and Impede

Oren is a powerful vampire, well into his years. Smart, strong, fast, and blood thirsty, he is a natural killer and makes a profit from that, slaughtering anyone that he is paid to. His money is spent on a large house out in the forest, surrounded by practical and magical protection, and on taking care of his beloved pet tiger. However, longing for more strikes him and he goes in search of another company. Since he doesn't have time for actual relationships, he decides to buy one from his clan member. One night, the merchant returns with a male that instantly steals his breath, and as the two battle for dominance, affection blooms and the stone cold killer receives more than just strength from the male's blood.
    Your character can be any magical being that you want, however it must be very strong
    Your character should be dominant (not that he'll get to top)
    This will be a major clash of the wills and have physical violence between the two characters
    Possible smut, obvious fluff later on
    BDSM is possible kink
    Open to ideas/suggestions.

Beauty and the Beast

This one differs hugely from the original.
The Beast is a beautiful/handsome girl/guy that has a very violent and cruel personality. S/He knows what s/he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. When angered s/he is very quick to lash out. All of this has earned the character much fear and dislike from the student body, except for a few childhood friends that half fear him/her and stick around.
The second character moves to the town. S/He is beautiful, soft spoken, and gentle. Everyone almost instantly falls for him/her...including the beast.
Cue a dramatic, hilarious courtship as the Beast learns that his/her looks and brute strength won't get him/her everything and love is tender, not forced.
    The Beauty can be submissive or dominant (gentle doms are the hottest)
    The Beast can be submissive or dominant (pushy, aggressive subs are so epic XD)
    There can be other possible romances for the Beauty at first and maybe later for the Beast
    This is intended to reach a mature point, but it can just remain as fluff.
    Open to all plot twists ideas.
    A slight plot darkener that I would be interested in: the Beast 'forces his/her love' on the Beauty (er, rapes him/her). I know, it's wrong, but ti would really display the Beast's true brutality and then the transformation when s/he got kinder would be even more noticeable.

Treat Me Right
On the run from her mistakes, Adria is up for having fun and forgetting her life. Reality has always been overrated anyway. Life is killing her but that's what living is all about. When everything finally catches up to her, is she going end up in a gutter or be saved by someone who cares?
Adria is basically a teenage run away who bar hops and does anything to get paid. This will start out in a bar where she is taking a break and some of the pills she took make her violently ill to the point she passes out.
    Your character could be
    Another patron
    The bar owner not wanting trouble
    Or anything else that you want
    Possible sad ending
    Open for yuri or yaoi
    Open for ideas.

So Much For Our Happy Ending

Nasica is seventeen and eager to die. At least that's what she claims. Her family sits by and watches as she goes around dating older guys and throwing her life away. She is passionately in love with her best friend, her straight best friend, and afraid to act on her homosexual impulses. Drinking and destroying her life are the best ways she knows how to deal with it.
    Your character can be Nasica's best friend or another character.
    I would love if you RPed two characters, made one of your characters like Nasica and start to try and sway her. They end up going out and falling in love.Then Nasica's best friend has a break up and turns to Nasica for comfort. They end up sleeping together and then the whole drama starts to unfold. ^^
    Open for ideas
    Open for yaoi

Trapped Underground

Believing in magic is what had gotten Ella through so much. She had suffered through her parents spitting up, her mother marrying a guy that abused both of them, and then her being thrown out so that they could have a baby. She had cross two states to get to her father's and she didn't bother trying to get her mother into trouble, because her belief in magic made her feel that karma would come without the courts. When her father welcomes her into the house, she thinks everything is great and wonderful, until she realizes that they aren't the only ones living there, and she doesn't mean her step-mother and half brother. No, there is Something in the house.
    This can be yaoi or yuri
    I would like to play as "Ella"
    I was thinking this could be a bit like the movie labyrinth, the baby gets kidnapped and Ella has to go save him, but they could have stolen the baby as punishment for the family being in their house?
    Ella would probably be sub, simply because it fits the plot, but if you want to RP her, then I can RP a dom character.
    Plot ideas are welcome
    Other spin offs of labyrinth are welcome as well
    YAY! Very Happy

Foreign Soil
The plot would start with my character that was born in America, but raised in a foreign country. S/he turns seventeen and moves back to the USA to finish up school. Now, s/he is living with father and his "friend". Where my character is from, homosexuality isn't really normal, yet s/he knows that they are gay. Still, s/he can't accept that his/her father is gay.
His/Her father has a friend from work whom has a son/daughter about the same age as my character that goes to the same school. This would be your character. My character's father talks to his friend from work and gets your character's parent to agree to make your character help out mine at school.
The RP would start with my character's first morning at school. S/He would barely speak English and has a heavy accent. The two would feel an instant attraction, but my character is convinced that it is wrong to be homosexual. Their relationship would develop fairly quick, because my character would be dependent on yours for a while.
Once their relationship gets to the point of kissing and cuddling (but nothing more) my character sees his/her father kissing his partner and freaks out, running to your character in tears and freaking out. They get in a fight and either
    1) My character will run off and yours will meet someone new and my character gets jealous and apologizes
    a) Your character forgives him/her and takes him/her back.
    b) Your character and the third person (whom I will RP) are in love and they tell the original character to bug off.
    c) Your character tells my character to win her heart back
    2) My character will kiss your character and apologize and try to explain, fail and then either
    a) Your character gets mad and storms off and then we repeat plot 1, but reversed.
    b) My character gives up explaining and shows your character that s/he didn't mean it how she said it.
    3) Some other plot I haven't thought up that you come up with. Please explain.

    If we RP this slash, my character will be sub. If it is femslash, my character will be dom or sub.
    This can be mature or just fluff, depending on which way we take it.
    There probably won't be any kinks possible in this one, simply because of the naive nature of my character (of course this is open for change.
    I would prefer if you RPed at the friend, since that is the plot I have worked out, but if you would like to take it another way, that is okay too.
    Again, open for all ideas.

Chains and Claws Around My Heart
Locien was always considered a freak in his home town. Born to an Elf and a Dracon, he was a mix not very well welcomed. When his parents died, he was blamed for it and chased from town. In the dark parts of the forest, he met a magic user named Hathe. The witch gave him the power to strike back at the town in exchange, he became her servant. A hundred years have past and he is weary of the witch. Just to rub it in, she gives him the most demeaning job ever: he must baby sit and protect her beloved son/apprentice. To keep him in line on this one, a new bond is added besides a blood contract: iron claws now clamp his heart.
    Your character will obviously be Hathe's son/apprentice (unless, you'd like to RP Locien or some other magical creature?)
    Hathe's son/apprentice shall be the submissive one
    This relationship shall take a good while to develop
    Hathe's son/apprentice will be a little stuck up, vain, self involved, and think everyone should bow to him and he is untouchable, because this is how Hathe raised him.
    Locien will be resentful of Hathe's son and a tad cold or cruel towards him at first
    They'll hate each other, flat out hate, at first, and then slowly warm up to each other or something dramatic will happen to make them closer.
    Open to ideas/suggestions/femslash. XD

Sleeping Beauty
This one could take place in modern times or in its original time.
Now the submissive character is sleeping beauty. S/He has fallen into an eternal slumber, cast on him/her by a witch. The bride/groom picked for him/her before hand failed to wake him/her, so his/her parents placed her in a glass coffin in public, where anyone might lay a kiss upon her cold lips. Prince(ss). Charming comes along and kisses the sleeping beauty on impulse drawn in by his/her beauty. The beauty awakens as soon as their lips meet...but s/he is homophobic and flips out. Too bad for him/her it their true love...and upon awakening her, Prince(ss) Charming is automatically his/her groom/bride.
    You can RP as Prince(ss) Charming or Sleeping Beauty
    Prince(ss) Charming can be anyway you want, except s/he must be comfortable with being dominant and with someone of the same gender
    Sleeping Beauty is pretty open, except s/he must be uncomfortable with being with someone of the same gender
    This will start with Sleeping Beauty's awakening and move to them meeting the king/queen and the marriage
    There are some plot twists already planned
    Ideas are welcome

Other Ideas I Would Be Interested In
  • Anything of old fairy tales were we slash it up or jack up the original plot. I might soon be posting Snow White, Aladin, and a few more.
  • So long as it is slash or femslash, I'm probably going to be interested.
  • Vampires, werewolves, pirates, bands, and starving artists are some of my favorites.
  • Hetero RPs with well thought out, interesting posts.

This I won't role play or would prefer to avoid
  1. The stereo typical, they meet instantly fall in love, and then leap in the sack RP
  2. Anything where I have to play a possessive, domineering dominant character, as in the stereotypical seme from anime. Sorry, but the personality is just too foreign for me to RP
  3. Anything where I have to RP as a straight female as more than a side character.

What I would like from the person I RP with

  • Anime pictures (I feel too weird using a real person's picture.)
  • Long Posts and Loads of Detail (I love to read and you better as well. XD)
  • Patience and a sense of humor are nice too. >.>'re still reading this? OMFG! I love you! *hugs*


I ripped the tag off a mattress.

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Galena's Game Box (23 New Ideas :D)
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