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 Новый дом (Private, Possibly Mature)

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Новый дом (Private, Possibly Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Новый дом (Private, Possibly Mature)   Новый дом (Private, Possibly Mature) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 7:30 pm

Art(c)Someone else, all credit to them.
Katya Walinski
Новый дом (Private, Possibly Mature) Brown10

    Katya sighed as she looked out of the plane window. For the best few hours, almost a day, she had been going from one airport to the next. It was tiring and stressful, and she didn’t understand why anyone would want to travel by plane to go on vacation. It felt like it was putting a bad start to the whole thing.

    Not that she was going on vacation. She was moving in with her father in the United States. Even though she had been born in America and was technically a citizen there, she had lived with her mother in Russia for most of her life. They technically lived in Finland, but her mom worked in Russia and Katya attended a school there.

    Sighing, Katya looked down at her hands and wondered what America would be like. Warmer, she hoped, like her father said it was. But she wasn’t quite sure what else to expect.



    “Daddy!” Katya called. Her large, round, brown eyes lit up at the sight of her father and his friend. Both of them had visited her and her mother quite often over the years and she felt close with both of them from the long talks on the phone and over IM.

    However, she was still slightly comfortable when she noticed that they were holding hands.

    Rather than worry about that, she hugged her father and then gave his friend a quick hug. Smiling at the male, she said, “It’s good to see you again, Marco.”

    “You too, Kat,” he answered with a broad smile. “You father got everything set up for you at school and I set up your room. I know you said that you were okay with the guest room, but I thought I would at least add a few things so that it fits you.

    “Thank you, Marco,” Katya said, grinning. She really liked the male...she just didn’t like the sight of him holding hands with her father.

    Oh well, there was no real harm in friends holding hands. No harm, no foul, and she would adjust to it.


    Katya sat up and pressed the button for her alarm. She had been awake for most of the night already. After getting to her father’s two story house, she had eaten dinner with her father and Marco, and they had discussed what she would be doing for school.

    After that, Katya had been dead tired and crawled up to her room...and slept for maybe two hours before her internal alarm told her that it was time to get up. She had no idea how she would survive with so little sleep, but tried not to think about it as she got ready for school.

    “Katya, you need to...oh, you’re already up,” Marco said with a warm smile as he opened the door slightly.

    Katya was already dressed in her old school uniform. Hopefully that would do until she knew what the new uniform looked like, and then she could get what she needed from the market.

    The heavy, cotton skirt went past her knees and the blouse was white and heavy, meant to keep her warm. Her hair was tied up in a neat bun.

    Walking into the room, Marco asked, “Are you sure that will work?”

    “I hope so,” Katya said with a soft smile and laugh. “I really don’t want to get in trouble about my uniform.”

    Marco nodded and answered, “I was more worried about it being too hot.”

    “Too hot?” Katay repeated with a confused tone. Looking down, she shrugged and said, “This is my summer uniform, and it’s winter here. It should be okay.”

    “If you say so,” Marco told her with a laugh before ruffling her hair and walking out of the room.


    Katya had skipped breakfast out of nerves. What would her new classmates think of her? Would they accept her? Would they even understand her?

    The fear of others not understanding her accent hadn’t hit her until she had realized that Marco had to think before answering her. He had told her that her accent wasn’t too horrible, but Katya knew better, especially now as she walked down the street, listening to the Americans talk.

    Sighing, she tried to put the fear out of her mind as she saw the gates to her school. Her father and Marco had told her over and over to stop out of the gates and wait for Mr. White’s daughter. It was an all girls school, which was new to Katya, but she didn’t mind nearly so much.

    Leaning against the hard bricks, she looked up at the sky, wondering once more how things would turn out.
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Новый дом (Private, Possibly Mature)
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