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 A Warrior Until the End (Open, Mature)

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PostSubject: A Warrior Until the End (Open, Mature)   Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:12 pm

  • Frantically, she bit at the metal that was wrapped around her wrists, but the young, she-wolf couldn't break through it. Her jaws were aching, but she didn't stop. It was almost as if she couldn't. Just five hours ago, she had been running with her pack in the mountains. Then the hunters had come. Athena wasn't sure exactly what had happened. As she had leapt at a hunter, seemingly a human one, everything had gone dark and she had woken up here: in a cage with chains binding her.

    Throwing her head back, she howled, screaming for her pack, but there was no answer. There was faint traces of silver in the chains that bound her, keeping her in human form and burning her if her energy levels spiked. Athena didn't care about the latter and was fight to get them of to fix the later. Enough though her tail and ears weren't showing, she felt as if the fur on them was bristling. A growl bubbled out of her as she started to bite her own arm, determined to get free.

    The guard watching thought that she was bluffing until blood began to liberally pour from the wound, and then he quickly grabbed a taser and shot her. Athena fell on her side, her body convulsing due to the electricity and she whimpered before blanking out completely.

    ((OOC:/ so, I need a master or a savior for little Miss. Athena. Your character has to be at least a little dominant. No one liners and have a picture please. Your character can be anything you want. You don't have to ask, just join. PM or message me with questions.))
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PostSubject: Re: A Warrior Until the End (Open, Mature)   Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:18 pm


((I am too tired to write tonight but I claim this!!))
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A Warrior Until the End (Open, Mature)
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